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can anyone gimme more info on this guy!??
i know h plays for herheeven..and is the 3rd most prolific striker in dutch league

but can anyone tell me is honestly he is real gd or not!??
and also what are his weaknesses and playing style!?has he got a gd heading ,pace,etc..!??

thanx in adv., ;)

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so how much would u say he's worth!??

l'pool is chasing him for 3M..is he worth that much!?:O

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yeah i'm talking in pounds..

anyway so nistelrooy was from heerenveen!!
but is the club willing to sell him right now!!?

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has anybody heart something else about this transfer? will it go through? are there other clubs interested in lurling?

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i heard there are quite a few clubs very keen on him...GH was rumoured to be watching him for a few months..then supposedly came up with a 3M bid..

but haven't heard anything else about that!

surprises me though//cos l'pool already has 4 excellent strikers..
unless lurling is as gd than they are,,,

rumours concerning lurling have cooled down these psat wks..
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