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Another World Champions Title for France!

:D:D:tongue::howler::dielaugh::tongue: :stress::eek:

In Bangkok, Thailande, a French team composed of prisoners saved the honnor of France by winning the World Cup of Inmates in Thailande, beating a Nigerian team in the final 7-6 after penalty kicks...

In front of a thousand inmates and guardians, the Minister of Interior of Thailande, Purachai Piumombun gave a replica of the World Cup to the French team after their victory in this tournament organized in the central prison of Klong Prem, near Bangkok.

Among the participants were 1300 inmates whose majority was in this prison because of drogue affairs. The other teams in competition were formed by Nigerians, English, French, Germans, Italians, Japanese, Americans and Thailand. They formed teams based on their nationalities composed of 7 players and the games were played in half field of a real football field. This "World Cup" started last thursday.

ALLEZ LES BLEUS! :proud::stuckup::tongue::tongue:

Who said that future of France is not bright? :tongue::howler::dielaugh::eek::cool:
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