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Hi there :)

I have an announcement for the people in this forum. As you might know, I am currently taking care of a web site on Romanian football ( www.romfotbal.com ). Now, there're many chances that I will have to leave my city to work this Summer. Where I will work, I probably won't have access to the internet and, therefore, I won't be able to take care of Romfotbal. In such conditions, I wanted to know if there is someone, or a group of people, willing to take over my task until I was back (this could take some months).

Now, I cannot pay anybody as I am not getting paid either. Nonetheless, I could offer you a Romanian NT jersey (not the new one, the previous version) size M in very good conditions. It's nothing special, but it's better than nothing...

The job isn't too hard. The basic task is to find articles on the net on important matters (both in English and Romanian) and put them on Romfotbal. If you want to translate some articles, that's optional and completely up to you.


Lupisor Lupetto
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