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Anelka score!!!once again!!!!!!

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hey ! hey !
ANELKA has scored once again against real betis.
real won 2-0
roberto carlod scored in 31st minute and NICOLA$ ANELKA scored in the 66 minute.

now real are in chance for europen qualification.

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Yes and if we win against Valladolid at home we are a sure roll in the European qulification. But why not qualify direct by beating Valancia.
I'm afraid you're wrong Morientes. We are now in 4th place and Valencia are in 5th. If it stays like this till the end of the season and we would lose in the CL final that would mean Valencia go into next years edition from 5th place and the 4th place team misses out! These new rules suck :( Have a look:
1. Deportivo Coruna 37 20 6 11 64 44 66
2. Barcelona 37 19 6 12 68 44 63
3. Real Zaragoza 37 16 15 6 59 38 63
4. Real Madrid 37 16 14 7 58 47 62
5. Valencia 37 17 10 10 57 38 61
6. Alaves 37 17 10 10 40 35 61
7. Celta Vigo 37 15 7 15 43 41 52
8. Real Mallorca 37 14 9 14 51 43 51
9. Valladolid 37 13 11 13 35 44 50
10. Rayo Vallecano 37 14 7 16 48 51 49
11. Athletic Bilbao 37 11 14 12 45 56 47
12. Malaga 37 11 14 12 55 50 47
13. Espanyol 37 12 11 14 51 46 47
14. Numancia 37 11 12 14 46 57 45
15. Racing Santander 37 10 15 12 52 50 45
16. Real Oviedo 37 11 12 14 44 59 45
17. Real Sociedad 37 10 14 13 41 49 44
18. Real Betis 37 10 9 18 31 55 39
19. Atletico Madrid 37 8 11 18 46 63 35
20. Sevilla 37 5 13 19 40 64 28

Fortunately our last game is against valladolid, a team playing for pride, while Valencia (5th) play Saragossa(3rd). Any kind of result other then a Zaragoza win and our win of course too, means we take 3rd place and automatically play in next years CL. Furthermore we may even get 2nd place if Barca slips up again. But don't bet on that :(

P.S. Let's hope Rodrigo Fabri doesn't mess up these wonderful calculations :(
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This sucks!!! I thought we were save with a 4th spot.
Yeah! I know this rule sux big time, but we're fortunate both Valencia and Zaragoza play each other. If we win we should be safe, but like they say...first you have to win :) And just something from meself, IMO these rules suck, because it was better when all the teams eligable made it, not that they make these fake rules that only 4 teams can. I mean it's not a CHampions League anyway, so who gives a fuc_?
Yes we just have to win but Real Madrid seems to have problems against supposed easy teams ( this time Valladolid) at home lately. I think that we will win the match anyway cause there is a lot at stake this time and Real Madrid is a much better team than Valladolid.
dWMB: I thought i was the only one!

Valla are really nothing. They are a team that do good against average teams and loose bigtime against the Yokozunas.

I think the will be Real 3-1 Valla

Raul,Redondo (???) and once again Anelka will score for us!

I hope Valencia beats Zaragoza. I just hate Savo Milosevic so much I do not want to watch him ruin next year's CL.
Since we're on about Anelka...Here's the latest from Sanz according to Daily Soccer today:

MADRID, May 16 (Reuters)(DS) - Real Madrid praised Nicolas Anelka on Tuesday, saying the controversial French striker had proved his value and was definitely not for sale.

"He is finding his place, and his importance to the side grows," said club president Lorenzo Sanz.

"Real Madrid has not wasted its money. He's not going to be sold to anybody, and he's not available."

Anelka has played a key role in taking Real to the Champions League final on May 24 against fellow Spaniards Valencia, scoring in both semifinal legs against Bayern Munich.
But his future at Real looked far from certain earlier this season.

Real paid English club Arsenal $35 million for him last summer, making him the most expensive signing in Spanish football, but he refused to attend training in March.
A subsequent ban by the club led to speculation that Real might decide to cut their losses and sell him.
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lol :)

keep on typing Redondo and one day you may be right. I may have a little bet on him in the CL final though.
I think Anelka will be the best scorer of EURO2000!

I am so happy because of him
Sanz announced today that Anelka is not for sale anymore. This was must doe to his performance in Champions League.

I know I have critized Anelka before in this forum but I'm kind a happy with Sanz' announcement.
Anelka is said to stay, bot Morientes may leave :( Savo Milosevic is OK, guys. he's a bit of a jerk, bot hye god made him, not he.
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