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Andy Moller to the Nationalmannschaft?

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Borussia Dortmund keeper Jens Lehmann has nominated his former team mate Andreas Moller to the Nationalmannschaft. The dearth of attacking options in Ballack and Ricken, and the questionability of Deisler has sparked a recall for the Schalke midfield maestro who has played extremely well this season. Capped 85 times for his country, he has won it all. Platitudes include World Cup 90, Euro 96, Champions League 97, and numerous Bundesliga and German FA Cup titles. The temperamental veteran would add greatly with his pace, passing, vision, and mostly experience. At 34 years of age, Moller had retired from Germany since 1999, but he be exactly what his country needs to add that creative spark so sorely lacking. Hopefully Voeller will consider the old warhorse, who still has plenty of gas in the tank.
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Well, rather Frings than Möller, no doubt...
I just say two words: DIRK LOTTNER :D

I don't think Möller will give a comeback...
That's it. There isn't anyone more creative than him available. Frings should player where he does at Werder Bremen, a partner for Jermeies in the center as Ballack's back-up.
Andy Möller? Never!
He was never a big man in the NT and will not come back! :hopefull:
Christ, I thought the German national team was a mess, but calling back Möller is bad news.
Don't worry :cool:.

Nobody will ever call Möller back ;). But with Mehmet's spot open I see Martin Max join the squad!!!
Frings has probably already made the team and Lottner, although younger, has nowhere near the international experience that Moller has. I am still not convinced that Ballack is an creative passing midfielder. I would second Lehmann's nomination and have Voeller select the Schalke04 midfielder. I really don't think that there is a better alternative.
well ,with Frings already in,i think the spot will be decided between Stefan Beinlich and Andreas Moller.
Andreas Moller ruled himslef out of the World Cup,he said he will go on holiday after the cup final game......so who will it be.....Stefan Beinlich?!!:confused:

Martin Max latest 2 goals will make Rudi Voller think twice about calling the striker or not. a squad of tough decesions.:rolleyes:
Martin Max is not a creative attacking midfielder. And as for Stefan Beinlich? If the Hertha Berlin player is the best alternative to Moller available in Germany, then it will be a sad summer.
Who said that Martin Max is an attacking midfielder? i mentioned that he is a striker,but he will be competinng for the 5th striker spot .
Re:Martin Max

check Tigerheart's article
Well, yeah, thx :D I didn't mean it that way, I know Martin Max ;) :D.

I think Frings is somehow creative, while Beinlich mostly plays defensive, but I wouldn't mind having him in the team aswell. My main concern is Martin Max for WC :cool:.
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