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starting Lineup right now:

Henry Bergkamp
Overmars Petit Veira Parlour
Silvinho Adams Keown Lauren
important subs:
forwards: Kanu, Barett
midfielders: Edu(probably), Pires, Ljundberg, Grimandi
defenders: Upson, Grimandi, Ashley Cole, Luzhny.
Gk: Manninger

My ideal Arsenal lineup:
Henry Bergkamp
Overmars Petit Veira Parlour/Pires(can Pires play on right?)
Silvinho Southgate Keown Lauren
Remaining questions:
1. Will Edu get his passport sorted out?
2. Will Lauren be playing in midfield or defence
3. Lee Dixon has probably had it? If Lauren is played in midfield, who will step in? Luzhny. Will someone be signed?
4. Will Parlour hold down his place?
5. Will Edmilson signed? If so, will he start?
6. Will Seaman start? Manninger, possibly? Or Richard Wright? Dudek? Who knows.
7. Will Wiltford be bought? Or is Barrett good enough yet as a fourth striker?
8. Will Overmars or Petit be sold?
9. Is Tony Adams over the hill? I don't mention Keown here because from what I can see Martin has not really lost his pace, despite being thirty-four.
10. If not sold, are Overmars and Petit committed to arsenal?
11. Are we better than Man Utd?

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my first post for a week :D

my ideal line up

henry, bergkamp
overmars, petit, vieira, parlour
silvinho, edmilson, keown, lauren

edu probably wont get his passport sorted out :mad: and i dont think arsenal will get the money back from corinthians, so that was useless
i heard sao paolo dont want to sell edmilson now, but still try and get him
he's now a brazilian international :) though he didnt play too well in his debut game

i think lauren will start in defence, and maybe if dixon has a go, might move up into midfield. wenger has said that he likes parlour, and so do i :D

will parlour hold his place?
i say yes
he will probably start around 60%? of games, as i said before, wenger says he has talent. if he doesnt start, im sure he'll come in as sub or something

edmilson i think wont be signed. there's not much time til next season, and he will be hard to get
has valgaeren signed for celtic yet?

will seaman signed? well, no one has been signed to replace him, and manninger i think wont start, so i guess its seamo until a new gk has been signed

i really hope wiltord comes to arsenal. i like him, and he would be perfect cover for henry. pacy and strong

overmars will be sold i think, and petit will stay
hopefully both will stay :D

adams and keown are both around the same age i think, but maybe the diff is that keown didnt drink as much as tony in younger years maybe???

i think we are not better than manure yet
dont worry
we will be soon :D

Wenger has given up on Edu unfortunately :(
And Valgaeren has signed for Celtic a while ago now :(
I'd love to have Jurzek Dudek in goal too, but I think Feyenoord won't sell him, at least not for a huge price.

Adams has had it, he doesn't necessarily need to be sold, but the new signings look worth a shot. :)

my ideal line-up is the same as Loos Moose's except maybe Pires on the right, I think he is right-footed, and in goal should still be a question mark, for now it's most likely Seaman :confused:
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