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If I were the spanish national coach, this is how I would choose my team, player by player quality:

-Canizares( Shows great skill, alot of leadership for his club. Needs to show confidence or else were messed)
-Toni( skilled, knows when defense is going bad)
-Cassilas( Can show at the big dance. Maturaty is key and he would be a great reserve)

-Salgado(Most skilled wing by far. With him and aguilera, they could be great offense. If he plays like he did for Celta, you don't want to be on the other team :))
-Hierro(Will be interesting to see if he gets the wrist band. Vetran defending is the best way to put him, but is all out offense on the national squad)
-Sergi( I always have liked him. Great on offenseive and d, he knows when and when not ot go up and take chances, showing maturaty)
-Abelardo( Like sergi, knows when to go up and when to go down. I would like to see him start against yugoslavia, were he can stop there great headers.)
-Aguliera( goal of the spanish cup against barcelona in the first leg. Just great. He showed so much confidence in the box that it looked like he was invincible. Him and Salgado would be a great team)
-Alkorta ( In central midfield, has never lost possesion. Give him some playing time against Yugo in the third game if we win the first 2)
-Helguera( another great defender. Picked up for basically nothing, was out of reach the best on espanyol. Great,great sub, possible starter.)

-Guerrero( Brilliant. He can score and use his head like great midfielders. He is a saviour for Luis Enrique. Very underated but should be a national team starter.)
-Exteberria( Gives size to the spanish national team. Really like him, especially in the air. Needs to play more defensive due to his size.)
-Guardiola ( to be honest, I did'nt know why he was the captain. I admire his leadership so much. It will be vital cause in my view, he deals with pressure the best on this team. After all, he is caught in termoil at barca but has kept his mouth shut, not like all the others)
- Mendieta( Top 5 midfielder in the world after the Champions League. I am still amazed at him. If he can play this way for Spain, there is no stopping them for gold, no $hit)
-Jimenez( I always thought he waas the best on santander. Salva might be the best scorer, but he always got the deserving goals)
- Engonga ( Great veteran. I loved him since I saw him. Would be a Sanchis at the CL final if he came on as a sub, but with all due respect, it has to be by alot)
-Fran(very unknown but oh man is he one hell of a playmaker. At the Depor-Atletico game this year, Camacho said for him to set-up, and sure enough set-up maakay twice. Came out of knowere and thats were he will be on the national team, as a reserve)

-Raul(If anyone argues that he is the best striker in the world,e-mail me. Scored and incredible 9 goals I believe in qualifying leading all scorers and is Spain's key to success. Proved himself with 3 goals in 3 games at the world cup, it is scary what he can do with a in-form team.)
-Morientes(Great, Great player, but not close to Raul. Can score just as often and is a great team with Raul, possibly the best Spain has ever had.)
-Alfonso(Great player who is another goal scoring machine. As of late, he must score every time he is in the box. He has missed a few as of late, but no worries.)
-Salva ( Great year and probably going to Go to a big club next year. Van nistelrooy of this team, must show maturaty and no fooling around on the national team. It might work with your club, but not here)

I could'nt choose another strker cause there are a few that are just as good and all signifacantly better than Urzaiz, who I think should'nt be on the team and the only reason he is is because he's basque, to hide up the arguement.

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A short comment on "your picks".

Canizares:Nowhere near last years form. I would have gotten Palop to play on.
Toni:No, Why pick him?Do you hate Molina? Toni is good. Molin better.
Cassilas:Totally agree, would be great for him to join in and gain the experience. And Camacho isnt that stupid since HE WILL be the future keeper of Spain.

Salgado:I love him, but some people say he is to inexperienced.Thats wrong, he is so consistent! When Real played like **** he was the better on of em all!
Hierro:Always world-class.Aura getting darker though...
Sergi:Salgado and Seri, what else do you want?
Abelardo:Strong header, needs a fast defender next to him
Aguilera:Atleticos ace in midfield (He is not a defende ranymore...)
Alkorta:Spaniard, he had a really messed up season bu injuries and hasnt fully recovered.
Helguera:Bring him along, and give him one chance. He is most likely to mess up...

Mendieta,Guerrerro,Guardiola and Etxeberria are MY picks. The other reserves can just watch on :)

Dont get angry now...Mori should not be included.
MY picks are Raul,Urzaiz and my personal favourite Alfonso. Reserves could be Kiko or Mori but that doesnt matter (Kiko has lost it :( )


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I don't understand why Mori is not picked and Alfonso is? I mean Mori has had a bad 1/4 of the season but Alfonso has dissapointed a lot. I like the guy but would choose Mori over him every time.

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Nope, i stand by my man :)
Alfonso has had a good end of the season and is more of a "safe" pick then Mori.
He also has a lot more experincee but being a Striker,its not a big advantage.

Spains strikers:
NR1 Sub:Alfonso for Urzaiz??

Urzaiz is a good powerforward, in fact one of the only one left (Kiko!)
And Raul is a PERFECT compliment for such a player, small techniqual and lethal!
Alfonso is more of a speed bullet but i very allround as well.

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I am really disappointed that there is no Mori. Really, Spain has alot of good forwards, but Mori and raul have showed time and time again that they are superior. I hope it was a typo and camacho will re think.
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