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IMO Patrick Mtiliga is Feyenoord best leftside defender. He is quite strong in defence, fast and plays very aggressive. It is on these side very important becouse Goor has tendency to go asleep from time to time during game. I absolutely dont understand why he (Mtiliga) is forgiven by all Feyenoord supporters on this forum!
It is also strange that he is 3rd player on LB possition after Boschaart and Basto(no comment about his abilities). Can you expain me this? Is he injured?
IMO Feyenoord should try:





I am not sure about Gibbs (it is hard to say something about him only after one offcial game) and Pardo ( I only head about his great form, option here is Hofs despite poor preformance last game, but it was his first game)
Ostlund played well last game and I am sure he is able to play as a midfielder and exchange his possition with Gyan.
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