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Amstel Cup: AZ - Feyenoord

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I've started the thread since we'll lose anyway.

As for the line-up. I was real surprised that PArdo didn't play yesterday after being praised so much by Gullit. Also the same with LAzovic but you'd expect it more after the way K2 clicked before the winterbreak. That saying I think some changes need to be made.

First of all, this diamond shape. Fine, it worked against Rosenborg who hadn't played for like 3 months but in the game against Excelsior and again yesterday in the first half (before Castelen came on making it no diamond anymore), it was clear that our midfield was unable to dominate. Reason being, it's a formation for counterattacking sides and it has no width, it was plain simple for our opponents to block us by simply packing the centre of midfield. I'd go back to a flat 4-4-2 with 2 real central midfielders and wingers.

Second change I'd make is to rest Kalou. He was on fire earlier in the season as we all know but his last performances, also before the winterbreak, have been well below his level. Not strange considering he's still very young and kids always have a dip, so it'd be best for him to be benched imo for the new hungrier Lazovic.

Other than that, I'd maybe play Pardo and Ghaly in the middle. Hofs or de Graaf on the right since Castelen even though he's a natrual right winger can't pass any left back on his current form.

I'd keep the back 4 as they'll need time and I'd rather have Gibbs than Paauwe who's a complete turtle. At least Gibbs has a little pace.

Babos I'd keep too since if Gullit was to drop him now, it'd shatter his confidence even more and be the end of his Feyenoord career. I'd stick by him and keep him till the end of the season. If he doesn't do well enough, then perhaps look at Gentenaar whos transferfree (and also cancel Aerts contract since he doesn't look that good this season), but I still believe in my heart that Babos will make it for us. A good keeper at NAC can't suddenly turn bad for us overnight.

So my line-up for Wednesday night





We'll probably lose and who knows, if we get thrashed Gullit might even resign! but we'll let AZ have this game as long as Co comes south :shades:
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I think these two teams are really gonna go for it. Feyenoord to salvage something out of this season. AZ coz it would be the next best thing to winning the title. Which probably isn't gonna happen, so 1 piece of silverware would still be amazing.
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