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In order to avoid selling out valuable players such as Matias Almeyda, Marcelo Salas and Sergio Conceiçao and since 60 million dollars are too much of a cash to buy one player only, even though it's Hernan Crespo, I would suggest Sergio Cragnotti to use some alternative way of paying such a huge amount of money to his old friend Calisto Tanzi (Parma president) so that in the end Crespo will be a Lazio player.

So, 60 million dollars could paid to Parma in:

1) 100 million cups of espresso coffee, which could be very useful evry time Tanzi will see a Crespo's goal with the biancoceleste shirt, one cup evry goal, of course. Moreover, with a wee bit of his Parmalat milk, Tanzi could be able to get an excellent cappuccino.

2) a subscription to "La Gazzetta dello Sport" for the next 40 million years, so that he, his sons, his nephews and all the other generations, will be able to read how Crespo (and his successors) is doing at Lazio.

3) 20 million pieces of Pizza Margherita, a tasty food to eat when he sees Hernan scoring freely in a Champions Cup night game.

4) 1 million football boots of the same model worn by Crespo, so that they could be worn also by Marco Di Vaio, in a desperate attempt to make him become the "new Crespo".

5) 200 thousands mobile phones by Siemens (Lazio' new sponsor), so that Tanzi will be able to give Crespo a call, evry time he feels nostalgic about Hernan.

6) 40 thousands megascreen TV sets by Siemens, so that Tanzi will be able to see Crespo back… on TV at least!


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...what about paying with Infineon shares (actually by far more serious, but even trickier than your examples). Infineon is a Siemens owned company manufacturing some computer parts. They went public recently and were hyped so strongly, that the share rocketed a zillion percent over the initial price from the first trading day on. Give Tanzi those, cause they will be worth nothing soon. We could do our sponsor Siemens a big favour... :)

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