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Aloisio the Brazillian striker from PSG

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He's a very good player compared to some of the one's that Felipao has put ever since he's been incharge, has he ever gotten a chance to play for the Selecao or what?

He's one of those players you don't always notice but he's stepped up big this season and scored alot of goals aswell, He wouldn't have been a bad replacement for Ronaldo if Amoroso, Romario and Elber weren't left out. :rolleyes:

Anyway, He's a player for the future.. I watch him alot since I have a soft spot for PSG and I love watching my man Ronaldinho play aswell, PSG have some good Brazillian talents to say the least. :star:
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So, no one knows him? :(
He learn with the master ROMARIO in Flamengo (i guess, i can remember if they played in Flamengo in the same time)
Oh yeah, you're a big fan of Flamengo. Since he played for your club, tell me what you think of him. Eh?
Aloisio "Chulapa"

Aloisio (A.K.A. "Aloisio Chulapa", a nickname derived from Brazil's WC '82 striker Serginho Chulapa) was revealed by Flamengo. But Brazilians generally don't value that type of striker very highly; I mean, the physical, tall & strong kind of striker, like Jardel and Elber. Brazilians, for whatever cultural reasons, always prefer lighter, faster forwards who can exchange passes, dribble and create beautiful plays singlehandedly. Like Ronaldo Gaucho and Denilson - who are loved in Brazil.

Aloisio was always treated as an untalented thug while he was at Flamengo, and after a while he was negotiated to a smaller club - I think it was Goias, but it wouldn't be the first time I was mistaken. :D On Goias, he was treated as a valuable team menber, and did well for several seasons in there. From there he moved on to France, where he's making a name for himself. He's not very highly-considered in Brazil though, and his chances of ever going to the National Team range from slim to none. :rolleyes:
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Yes, is it.

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