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Hi guys!

I´d love to se Almeyda in Inter next season...so DiBiagio will have a competitor...and someone is saying that DiBiagio will leave us, hope that it isnt true!

But i know/think that Almeyda will join Parma, but he said that he´ll prefer Inter...so?
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Moratti doesn´t want Almayda now when he recently bought Farinós. They are exactly the same kind of player. Farinós is younger also so aplause to Moratti.
Almeyda is a dirty player, not suited to inters elegant play, i would not like to see him at inter next season. he has been getting red cards all of his coureer and apart from that miracle goal he scored i havent seen great things from him this season.

The asking price also would be far too high and lazio would want Vieri in exchange.

In my opinon the money would be better spent on someone else , we have Di Biagio and Farinos now anyway neither are injury prone.

How about Marcelo Gallardo from Monaco!
Or Diego Placente an excelent young argentine defender!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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