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Omgång 1
9 april: Helsingborg-Halmstad.
10: Kalmar-Gefle, Malmö-Göteborg.
11: Djurgården-Häcken, Sundsvall-Elfsborg, Örgryte-Landskrona.
12: Assyriska-Hammarby.

Omg 2
17: Göteborg-Assyriska, Landskrona-Malmö, Elfsborg-Örgryte.
18: Häcken-Sundsvall, Halmstad-Djurgården, Hammarby-Kalmar.
19: Gefle-Helsingborg.

Omg 3
24: Assyriska-Halmstad, Sundsvall-Landskrona, Malmö-Gefle.
25: Djurgården-Örgryte, Helsingborg-Elfsborg, Kalmar-Häcken.
26: Göteborg-Hammarby.

Omg 4
1 maj: Gefle-Assyriska, Halmstad-Kalmar, Örgryte-Sundsvall.
2: Häcken-Helsingborg, Elfsborg-Djurgården, Landskrona-Göteborg.
3: Hammarby-Malmö.

Omg 5
8: Assyriska-Malmö, Elfsborg-Landskrona, Örgryte-Häcken.
9: Djurgården-Gefle, Helsingborg-Hammarby, Kalmar-Göteborg.
10: Sundsvall-Halmstad.

Omg 6
15: Häcken-Elfsborg, Halmstad-Örgryte, Landskrona-Assyriska.
16: Gefle-Sundsvall, Göteborg-Helsingborg, Malmö-Kalmar.
18: Hammarby-Djurgården.

Omg 7
22: Häcken-Gefle, Sundsvall-Malmö, Helsingborg-Kalmar.
23: Halmstad-Landskrona, Elfsborg-Hammarby, Djurgården-Assyriska.
24: Göteborg-Örgryte.

Omg 8
29: Assyriska-Sundsvall, Gefle-Halmstad, Malmö-Örgryte, Kalmar-Djurgården.
30: Hammarby-Häcken, Göteborg-Elfsborg, Landskrona-Helsingborg.

Omg 9
12 juni: Häcken-Landskrona, Sundsvall-Hammarby, Elfsborg-Halmstad, Örgryte-Gefle.
13: Djurgården-Göteborg, Kalmar-Assyriska, Helsingborg-Malmö.

Omg 10
15: Gefle-Elfsborg, Halmstad-Häcken, Hammarby-Örgryte.
16: Assyriska-Helsingborg, Göteborg-Sundsvall, Landskrona-Kalmar, Malmö-Djurgården.

Omg 11
19: Halmstad-Hammarby, Örgryte-Assyriska,.
20: Djurgården-Helsingborg, Gefle-Landskrona, Sundsvall-Kalmar, Elfsborg-Malmö.
22: Häcken-Göteborg.

Omg 12
26: Assyriska-Elfsborg, Hammarby-Gefle.
27: Kalmar-Örgryte, Landskrona-Djurgården, Malmö-Häcken.
28: Helsingborg-Sundsvall.
29: Göteborg-Halmstad.

Omg 13
3 juli: Häcken-Assyriska, Landskrona-Hammarby.
4: Halmstad-Malmö, Elfsborg-Kalmar, Örgryte-Helsingborg.
6: Gefle-Göteborg.
11: Sundsvall-Djurgården.

Omg 14
17: Hammarby-Landskrona, Helsingborg-Örgryte, Malmö-Halmstad.
18: Assyriska-Häcken, Djurgården-Sundsvall, Kalmar-Elfsborg.
20: Göteborg-Gefle.

Omg 15
21: Häcken-Malmö.
24: Sundsvall-Helsingborg, Halmstad-Göteborg, Örgryte-Kalmar.
25: Gefle-Hammarby, Elfsborg-Assyriska.
27: Djurgården-Landskrona.

Omg 16
31: Assyriska-Örgryte, Kalmar-Sundsvall, Malmö-Elfsborg.
1 augusti: Hammarby-Halmstad, Helsingborg-Djurgården, Göteborg-Häcken, Landskrona-Gefle.

Omg 17
4: Djurgården-Hammarby.
6: Kalmar-Malmö.
7: Assyriska-Landskrona, Örgryte-Halmstad.
8: Sundsvall-Gefle, Helsingborg-Göteborg, Elfsborg-Häcken.

Omg 18
13: Hammarby-Helsingborg, Göteborg-Kalmar, Landskrona-Elfsborg.
14: Häcken-Örgryte, Gefle-Djurgården, Halmstad-Sundsvall, Malmö-Assyriska.

Omg 19
20: Örgryte-Malmö.
21: Djurgården-Kalmar, Halmstad-Gefle.
22: Häcken-Hammarby, Sundsvall-Assyriska, Helsingborg-Landskrona, Elfsborg-Göteborg.

Omg 20
28: Assyriska-Djurgården, Gefle-Häcken, Malmö-Sundsvall.
29: Hammarby- Elfsborg, Kalmar-Helsingborg, Landskrona-Halmstad, Örgryte-Göteborg.

Omg 21
11 september: Häcken-Halmstad, Helsingborg-Assyriska, Kalmar-Landskrona.
12: Djurgården-Malmö, Sundsvall-Göteborg, Elfsborg-Gefle, Örgryte-Hammarby.

Omg 22
18: Assyriska-Kalmar, Gefle-Örgryte.
19: Halmstad-Elfsborg, Hammarby-Sundsvall, Göteborg-Djurgården, Landskrona-Häcken.
20: Malmö-Helsingborg.

Omg 23
25: Häcken-Djurgården, Gefle-Kalmar, Halmstad-Helsingborg.
26: Hammarby-Assyriska, Elfsborg-Sundsvall, Göteborg-Malmö, Landskrona-Örgryte.

Omg 24
2 oktober: Assyriska-Göteborg, Kalmar-Hammarby, Örgryte-Elfsborg.
3: Djurgården-Halmstad, Sundsvall-Häcken, Helsingborg-Gefle, Malmö-Landskrona.

Omg 25
16: Häcken-Kalmar, Gefle-Malmö, Halmstad-Assyriska, Landskrona-Sundsvall.
17: Hammarby-Göteborg, Elfsborg-Helsingborg, Örgryte-Djurgården.

Omg 26 (sista)
23: Assyriska-Gefle, Djurgården-Elfsborg, Sundsvall-Örgryte, Helsingborg-Häcken, Göteborg-Landskrona, Kalmar-Halmstad, Malmö-Hammarby.


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That depends completely on your point of view I think. With the Swedish league being very tight, it's too early to say which matches are most interesting for the common man.

There seems to have been a buzz about Assyriska these last seasons. I wonder, if the results are bad now when they are in Allsvenskan, will the ruckus settle a little bit, or will it just get bigger? :)

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Orange said:
That depends completely on your point of view I think. With the Swedish league being very tight, it's too early to say which matches are most interesting for the common man.
Well, if well notice that Malmö, Halmstad, Göteborg, Helsniborg, Djurgården, Hammarby are the bigist clubs with alots of fans + the new theam Assyriska, so we can say that they are the most intresting games. But it's only mine openion. Ofcorse if u r f.ex. Sundsval fan so the most interesting game 4 u is Sundsval Sundsvall-Elfsborg. ;)

The Dude
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So what do you say guys, should we try to make some predictions about the upcoming season?

I want you to write down the following things:
*League table at the end.
*Top goalscorer.
*Rookie of the year
(*anything else of importance?)

I can start, just want to think about it for some time first...

The Dude
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~~End of season predictions~~

League Table.
(with a longer presentation of the top three)

1.IFK Göteborg
- This is it for Göteborg. It's now or, well, I'm not going to say never, but this is the best shot they have had for years. A great squad all over.

Bengt Andersson in goal might getting a bit old, 39 this season, but is still one of the best in Allsvenskan. But if he for some reason will get injured or, against all odds, "loose it", they also have John Alvbåge to throw in. Alvbåge has joined from newly relegated Örebro and is familiar with Gothenburg since his days with Västra Frölunda, and as he's one of the biggest keeper talents in Sweden he will make sure "Bengan" will have to work hard to maintain his place between the sticks...

Karl Svensson, Adam Johansson, Hjalmar Jonsson, Dennis Jonsson - all young, pacy and all over very talented. And of course Fredrik Risp, one of Allsvenskans top three when it comes to centre-defenders, and add veteran Magnus Johansson to that and you have one of the best group of defenders in any swedish team right now.

Defensive midfielder Håkan Mild is the rock that IFK can't afford to loose for longer periods of the season. He still has injury problems that is unlikely to go away but seems to have find a way to be able to manage them and hold them away. Mild is the only player IFK don't have any decent back up for (Sebastian Johansson isn't really the same kind of player). Their attacking midfield is of course ruled by Swedish International Nicklas Alexandersson but with good players such as Mikael Sandklef and new signing Samuel Wowoah to help him out assist making won't be IFK's problem.

Peter Ijeh is one of the most dangerous goal-scorers in Sweden and add George"Mini Zlatan" Mourad and new signing Stefan Selakovic to that and I don't think anyone can complain. Selakovic who has returned to Sweden after an unsuccessful spell with Herenveen has looked sharp in the pre-season and will be scoring alot of goals aswell as assisting them this season. Just like Malmö their problem is "how to form their attack with so many good players in the team", will Selakovic and Ijeh form an attacking couple and place Mourad on the bench or will the manager try to make some kind of attacking triangle with Selakovic playing just behind Mourad and Ijeh? We'll have to wait and see.

- That they will be up there fighting for the gold is no big surprise, but will Tom Prahl manage to keep all the stars happy and go all the way and retain the position as Swedens number one?

Mattias Asper is a stabile keeper who after some less good seasons last season showed he's "back". Wouldn't surprise me that much if he gets called up as reserve to Isaksson and Hedman in the swedish national team if Eddie Gustafsson gets injured...
Backing him up does the globetrotter Lee Baxter who has proved to be a shaky keeper over the years mixing good performances with awfull ones. "Di Blåe" better hope Asper stays injury-free...

Allsvenskan best defender, the living legend, and Malmö's captain, Patrik Andersson, will most likely be as sharp as always. But it's vital he's not getting a long-term injury again, Malmö doesn't have the same back-up as last season with Majstorovic gone. Co-operating with Patrik Andersson does Patrik Abelsson who's a good defender and has been so for a pretty long time but usually don't get much writing in the newspapers about him. Olof Persson is another that might go in next to Patrik Andersson, a hard player to meet that won't make a fool out of himself. As wingbacks we might find players such as Joseph Elanga and Jon Inge Höiland.
Overall a good defence without Patrik Andersson that becomes suberb when Patrik Andersson plays.

*Midfielders & Attackers:
I decidede to write about Malmö's midfielders and attackers under the same column, this is the reasons:
Thomas Olsson, Hans Mattisson, Daniel Andersson, Louay Chanko, Yksel Osmanowski, Andreas Yngvesson, Markus Rosenberg, Afonso Alves...
They have the most profiles in Allsvenskan with all those players but how to form the attack won't be the easiest and I assume some attackers might have to go down playing midfielders.
With Rosenberg (although he likely leave this summer) and Afonso Alves they will score goals, loads of them. If I were a keeper and not one playing for this team I would be shitting my pants just by thinking about how to stop them...

- After a somewhat mediocre season after their gold-seasons they now have a team able to fight among the best again. But I doubt (although I wish ;) ) they will be champions while this all is over. To re-build a squad and to replace Markus Karlsson and Andreas Johansson isn't the easiest, but they have the players, so the only thing that is needed now is time.
But will the time be enough for them to win again allready this season?

Pa Dembo Touray has always been a good keeper but with the likes of Rami Shaaban and Andreas Isaksson in the squad hasn't got that much first team action during the last seasons. Well, untill Isaksson left that was. Straight away when he got back in the team after that he showed he was one of the best in Allsvenskan and hasn't shown any signs of it being just a fluke and is still playing suberbly.
But is second keeper Oskar Wahlström up for it if he gets thrown into action? My pages blank about this guy...

The loss of Markus Karlsson isn't good but Elias Storm, Toni Kuivasto, Niklas Rasck, Matias Concha and Fredrik Stenman isn't bad, at all, so the defence will remain as a good one in my book.

Johan Arneng is a midfielder to count on. Nobody thought when he came that he would help us DIF fans forget about Stefan Rehn but has been much better than expected. Abgar Barsom didn't have the best of season last year but is a good player and has shown so before. New signing Kari Arnasson, who earned himself a four year deal after a month long trial, will be an interesting to watch closer. And add to that the suberb defensive midfielder and new captain Markus Johannesson and hopefully Stefan Bergtoft might bloom out this season given the chance.

Djurgårdens attacking-three will be formed by some of the following players:
Tobias Hysen, Jones Kusi-Asare, Daniel Sjölund, Sören Larsen, Ibrahim Ba and Patrick Amoah, all very good players.
Tobias Hysen needs to get stronger to be succesfull abroad and maybe fight his way into the swedish national team but with his suberb pace and techniuqe he will atleast be a superb player, inside the borders of Sweden.
One of Allsvenskans most surprising signings, Ibrahim Ba, might add some very special to Djurgårdens attack, or might dissapear totaly. It's just to hope he will be as good as Djurgårdens general manager Kjell Jonevret want's us all to believe.
The other attacker signing DIF has made is Jones Kusi-Asare who is a proven good player. Maybe not the best goalscorer in the world but hopefully other players will take care of that problem...
...which leads me into talking about Sören Larsen. Last season he was mostly injured and it's vital he stays fit and plays good if Djurgården going to have a chance as he's the only real goal-scorer Djurgården have as Daniel Sjölund doesn't produce much and the rest of the attackers are more of "attacking-midfielders" than "strikers".
But as I said, overall a good attacking-force.
(And if Jesper Blomqvist ever return again he's always a addition...)

- Might very well end up even higher but in my eyes they also have somewhat the same problem as Djurgården. Good attackin-minded players but no real goal-scorer. Anyway, they have showed during the pre-season they will do okey despite that fact, but good enough to win the league? No, I think they'll have to wait a little longer untill they get their hands on the silverware again...
But they have a good mixture of players with talented youngsters like Björn Runström, Petter Andersson and more experienced guys such as Jeffrey Aubynn, Fredrik Stoor, Petur Marteinson, Patrik Gerrbrand, Mikael Hellström, Pablo Pinones-Arce, Erik Johansson, Mikkel Jensen, Max von Schlebrügge and Petter Furuseth Olsen. With players like that they will undoubtly be on the top half in the end.

- One of the teams with most talents (Andreas Granqvist, Andreas Dahl,Atiba Hutchinson, Eldin Karisik...) that's mixed with some older experienced and good players such as goalkeeper Daniel Andersson, defenders Fredrik Björck and David Ljung and natural goalscorers such as Gustad Andersson and Peter Graulund they will end pretty high in the
league. The only thing that in my eyes seperates them from breaking into the top four is their lack of experienced midfielders (which they had, till they sold Jesper Jansson, which they still haven't got a good replacer for...).

- Will get Anders Svensson back from Southampton after the English Premier League season is over. A suberb signing as he's still, and will remain for years to come, a very imporant player for the swedish national team.
Elfsborg have a very good keeper in Johan Wiland and an okey defence with players such as Johan Sjöberg, Joakim Alexandersson and Martin Andersson but Kristoffer Arvhage is still very missed.
Their midfield and attack is with mentioned Anders Svensson very good though. Samuel Holmen is one of the most interesting players playing in Sweden right now, very creative and got good techniuqe. The more defensive midfielders Jari Ilola and Johan Karlsson are very good at their thing.
So the most common problem so far for the Allsvenskan teams, is it the same with Elfborg? In other words, do they lack natural goal-scorers?
No, with Jonas Lunden, Hasse Bergren, Daniel Alexandersson and youngster Andreas Drugge they won't have to worry that much with the scoring.
But the Elfborg-fans will have to wait atleast till next season before their up among the absolute best. However they are one of the teams that looks set to have one of the brightest futures, not only did they manage to get Anders Svensson home, they have a newly built arena that will attract even more big names I reckon.

"Seventh?" you might ask yourselves while shaking your heads...
Well, I believe they actually might surprise quite a few this season. But of course, only if all the youngsters play as good as they did last season in division one.
Christoffer Källqvist is an okey keeper that has potential but might be their weak link.
After last season when they just had got promoted the biggest problem ahead of the new season was to find experienced players to help the young lads out. They did marvelous in finding those players in my opinion. Swedens national teams defender Teddy Lucic they tricked home from Germany with competetion from IFK Göteborg among many other teams and danish bad boy Stig Töfting they got on a free. He will be very important for the Häcken team, I just hope their manager will understand that he's as best playing in the centre midfield and not out on the sides (have been some discussion about this during the pre-season). Other good and more experienced players in their team are Jesper Ljung and Jonas Henriksson.
And apart from Källqvist other talented players in their team are Jimmy Dixon, Dulee Johnson and Dioh Williams.
The only thing that might get them to despite my (perhaps a little bit too optimistic) prediction end on the bottom half is if their attackers doesn't deliver. Patric Andersson is a decent attacker but we shouldn't count that much on him, max 8-10 goals. The one that must score loads is Dioh Williams. He has the potential...but only time can reveal if he's up to it just yet.

- Having lost both Sharbel Touma and Marcus Rosenberg without any high-profile replacers coming in instead of them I don't believe we should have too high hopes for them this season. But with veterans such as Torbjörn Arvidsson and Magnus Svensson relegation is out of the question of course. Youngster Dusan Djuric showed last year he has potential to bloom out and become one of the best midfielders in Allsvenskan, I believe this is the season we'll see him turning into one hell of a class-act player. New for the year is Martin Fribrock, form Helsingborg, who's a talent, but won't probably make that much difference.
Good squad in general but lacks natural goal scorers (with a little exclamation mark for Patrik Ingelsten, will this be his breakthrough season?)

- A good team in general and if they actually end up higher than this I won't be that surprised. A good keeper in Fredrik Sundfors, very good defenders in Johan ANdersson, Fredrik Lundqvist and Patrik Eriksson-Ohlsson and a creative midfield with Hans Berg and first and foremost Tommy Bergersen.
Good talents such as Kalle Ljungberg and Mikael Dahlberg and a natural goal-scorer in Andreas Hermansson(althoug he has seen his best days...) and a good all round player in Jonas Wallerstedt.
Relegataion is out of question.

- They were on the verge to get relegated last season. Now with one of the best managers in Sweden, Zoran Lukic, in their team they will in time become a middle team again. But it is not this season as this will be the season when Zoran gets everyone to understand his ideas. Next season with a few good signings should be a better season.
But still, they have a decent team with a good keeper, Dick Last, good leaders and experienced players such as Magnus Källander and Johan Anegrund and technique-skillfulled player such as Paulinho Guará, Johann Gudmundsson, Christian Hemberg and Nadir Benchenaa will secure a place in next years Allsvenska.

- A pretty good team that might if they have Lady Luck on their side end up a little bit higher than this. Onyekachi Amuneke, Johan Andersson and Jon Jönsson are all big talents. In goal they might switch keepers from time to time between Jonas Sandqvist and Mats Svensson but if I were the manager I would stick with Sandqvist, an up and coming player that might turn out to something big as I see it. Important is to find a good position to play Jörgen Pettersson in and to get him and Matthias Eklund to score plenty of goals...

- I don't think they'll manage to get much higher up than this. Their brazilians(Cesar Santin, Fabio and Dedé) must play suberbly if they wanna stay in the premier division next season. Other players that's extremly important for their team is Petter Wastå in goal (who is sad to be "better than ever" according to newsreports from Kalmar), defender Patrik Rosengren and midfielder Svante Samuelsson. They have a pretty weak squad in general and if they get some long-term injuries their out.

- It would be fun if they surprised me and everyone else and stayed up, as we need teams like Assyriska in Sweden. The "not so typical swedish teams", to say atleast ;)
A lot of troubles during the pre-season while at a stage almost non of the players had contracts for this season, their chairman retired, change of manager and most of all, they didn't even know if they were going to play in Allsvenskan or not!
But things seems to have worked out okey now, but their team lacks experience to be able to stay up as I see it. Some imporant players are Andreas Haddad, Melke Demir and Kabba Samura.
Good, but not the ones that makes the opposite team run away...

- Can't see anything that at this moment that will keep them from getting thrown back to division one again. Daniel Westlin is an okey goal-scorer, but good enough for the premier division? I'm not so sure. He didn't get released from IFK Gothenburg for nothing, but of course, he has most likely improved since then. But without having made any really good signing I don't see them staying up...

Allsvenskans top goal-scorers 2005.
1.Peter Ijeh - IFK Göteborg
2.Afonso Alves - Malmö
3.Gustaf Andersson - Helsingborg

Allsvenskans rookie of the year 2005:
Dusan Djuric - Halmstad

That was my predictions, hope someone read them through so it wasn't all wasted time... ;)

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That was a good summary Wakky! :star:

Can Djuric become rookie of the year? He played last season for Halmstad remember.. :)

The Dude
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Herou said:
That was a good summary Wakky! :star:

Can Djuric become rookie of the year? He played last season for Halmstad remember.. :)

And yes, I believe he still can be rookie of the year. Considered Hasse Blomqvist got it when he was like, hmm, 26-27 years old...
The term rookie is here more used as "breakthrough of the year". Atleast that's how I see it, sounds familiar when you think of the past winners, right Herou? :rollani:

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Wakky said:
That was my predictions, hope someone read them through so it wasn't all wasted time... ;)
Very good post Wakky, you almost made me feel guilty that I didn't write a longer prediction for Tippeligaen. ;)

The Dude
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Orange said:
Very good post Wakky, you almost made me feel guilty that I didn't write a longer prediction for Tippeligaen. ;)
Thanks, but some times less is more ;)
(atleast when it comes to the fact that "a shorter post generates in more right-spelled words". :D I normaly read my posts through before posting them but this was way to long to boughter about, and now I see I have wrote some really strange sentences:
"they is here now"...ehh, you think one thing and while your writing it down you change your mind...never a good thing to do! ;) :D )

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Wakky said:
"they is here now"...ehh, you think one thing and while your writing it down you change your mind...never a good thing to do! ;) :D )
That happens to me all the time, and I often forget (or don't bother :eek: ) to re-check my posts. :)

"I think you that tomorrow is how when it happens." ;) :D

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I've only seen the four Royal League teams since the end of Allsvenskan 2004, so there's a few teams that are extra difficult predict.

1. Malmö
Judging on the Royal League, MFF and IFK are clearly the best Swedish teams at the moment. However, I think MFF knows more what they have to do. Last seasons champions can also strenghten the team if they find it necessary. A strong squad, with a strong organization. I think MFF is going to make it two in a row.

2. IFK Göteborg
To be fair, IFK has impressed me the most of the Swedish clubs this winter, and Arne Erlandsen seems to have done a great job since he took over at the club. In my opinion IFK has been the positive surprise of the Royal League, as much as DIF was the negative surprise. I think it's going to be tight, but as many times before, Erlandsen will miss on the finishing line.

3. Hammarby
Always a strong club, and I doubt they were pleased with last years sixth place. A mild revenge this season with a third place.

4. Djurgården
DIF was very disappointing in the Royal League, where they definetly did not play like champions. They're going to do well, but I think it will be a little bit too difficult to reach the other top teams this seaosn.

5. Halmstad
Close, but not cigar for Halmstad last season. Now they are weakened. I think this might turn out to be a slightly disappointing season.

6. Helsingborg
Helsingborg usually performs well, and seems to have a well balanced team again this season.

7. Kalmar
The surprise of the Allsvenskan last season. Kalmar will follow up with another strong season, but will slip down a few places.

8. Elfsborg
Elfsborg is always midtable, why would it be different this season?

9. Örgryte
Almost got relegated last season, this season they will do their best to avoid that situation, I think they will make it.

10. Sundsvall
If this comes true it will be a disappointing season for Sundsvall. It is more likely that they will end higher up on the table than lower down.

11. Häcken
The champions of the first division often do good. After several seasons in a row where they have been knocking on Allsvenskan's door, they will fight enough to stay up.

12. Gefle
Gefle was the shock of the season in 2004. A typical midtable team in division one, finally they got promoted, for the first time in Xtratime's history. I hope they survive.

13. Landskrona
They've been close to the bottom teams several season in a row. This could be the season when they go back down to the first division again.

14. Assyriska
Lots of positive fans and interesting players could be their salvation, but I don't think it will be enough for Assyriska this season.

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Wakky said:

And yes, I believe he still can be rookie of the year. Considered Hasse Blomqvist got it when he was like, hmm, 26-27 years old...
The term rookie is here more used as "breakthrough of the year". Atleast that's how I see it, sounds familiar when you think of the past winners, right Herou? :rollani:
Not quite rigth. Blomqvist recived it when he was 24 but it was still his debut season, and thats what matters. And Djuric had his breakthrough last season imo. I cant think of any central midfielders that performed any better. he was overshadowed by Marcus Rosenberg though.

Will be an interesting season for sure. ALot of good players - Anders Svensson, Daniel and Patrik Andersson, Djuric, Rosenberg, etc, etc

The Dude
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Orange said:
I've only seen the four Royal League teams since the end of Allsvenska 2004, so there's a few teams that are extra difficult predict.
Interesting to see someone else's predictions :)

(And by a norweigan, I'm impressed! :) I won't even try to predict the norweigan league, will make a total fool out of myself with my lack of knowlegde in that area :howler: )

As you say, DIF was awfull in the Royal League and judging by that they shouldn't stand a chance against teams such as IFK and Malmö. But I think, or maybe hope, that with the new signings more settled into the club that they will be able to play pretty good despite the pre-season failure...

Nowadays living in Gothenburg I will be able to see quite a few live games this season (Häcken, Örgryte and IFK all come from Gothenburg) and I will try to update this thread as often as possible.
And why? Because Allsvenskan deserves to be talked about...

A few years ago Allsvenskan wasn't such a fun league to follow. You had some top teams that manage to attract some good players but apart from them, you had, more or less, nothing. But today, the case is different. Apart from perhaps Assyriska and Gefle you can find high-profile names in all the Swedish teams this season and the competetion is far from one-sided and when you do predictions like the ones above your realise this once again. You pen down a team like Helsingborg for example on 6th position but when your start to think about the team you can't help yourself from thinking "man, they really have some good players, the should be higher up". But it's the same with a lot of teams and you have to try to do a league prediction as good as possible despite this...
But it's need to be sad, Allsvenskan is pretty open these days.

Far from the old times when you could write down it as follow:
"1.IFK Göteborg 2.Malmö 3-14.The rest"
Okey, maybe that wasn't completely true, but it was much more predictable than now.

So this sad, I'm looking forward to a tight, entertaining Allsvenska 2005.
Let the show begin! :)

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Gollum said:
Not quite rigth. Blomqvist recived it when he was 24 but it was still his debut season, and thats what matters. And Djuric had his breakthrough last season imo. I cant think of any central midfielders that performed any better. he was overshadowed by Marcus Rosenberg though.
You might be right, I've tried to find some kind of list over past winners but wasn't able to. Just to check how it really works. Because I'm dead-sure you can still win it despite having played some games in an earlier season... :rolleyes:

Do you have any Gollum?

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Before I read the 2 Ander's predictions I'll start with writing my own :)

If we look at the paper Malmö should be favorites too win and Göteborg the second favorites. Other then that Djurgården stands as a black horse while others shouldn't have much of a chance to win in the long run.

1. IFK Göteborg

I believe that it's their turn to win this year, latest victory came in 1996 and since they've been strugglers at best. Göteborg's been going upwards the latest few years and now eventually coming to it's climax. Bengt Andersson which is a suberb keeper but old (39) got some competitions from the promising former Örebro keeper John Alvbåge so IFK got 2 great keepers this year. They have decent wingbacks and a great CD pair with Fredrik Risp and Karl Svensson which I both rate highly, especially Risp. On the Midfield they have the veteran and anchor Håkan Mild and the forever young Niclas Alexandersson that is now back in the NT again aswell at 34. If these 2 can stay fit, Göteborg will be very difficylt to play. Forward wise, they have a great width with Stefan Selakovic that came back from Holland, the youngster George Mourad that only is getting better and recently debuted in the NT but also, one of the most spectacular players in the league, Peter Ijeh that is both a hardworker, fast as lightning and die hard Christian. Göteborg is my favorites cause they have both experience, width, are hard to beat with their tactical and phusichal game and have classplayers, without injuries on key players they will be deadly.

Key Player: Håkan Mild
Look Out For: George Mourad

2. Malmö FF

Malmö is a top team tis year aswell, if not favorites too. Few teams win 2 years in a row in Sweden though and I believe that when Rosenberg possibly leaves this summer they will get into troubles. But it doesn't have to mean that either. Their keeper is Mattias Asper, a former NT keeper with loads of experience. They have the great wingback Joseph Elanga that eventually decided to stay. Patrik Andersson that must stay healthy and the Norwegian Jon Inge Höiland and Olof Persson, the loss of Majstorovic is a hugh blow however. A great midfield with the faithful Mattison, Chanko and DM Daniel Andersson, (but I think Göteborg's midfield is better). Markus Rosengerg and Afonso Alves are the 2 best forwards i the league though. Skoog and Osmanovski are not bad either in Swedish standards. MFF will be hard to beat once again.

Key Player: Patrik Andersson
Look out for: Markus Rosenberg

3. Djurgården

DIF is my third choise, they have been making some huge chances lately and countless of former key players left, like Andreas Johansson to Wigan. Some spectacular singing have been made though like, Felix Magro from Switzerland and Ibrahim Ba from France and the former Dif player Jones Kusi Asare came back from exile aswell. The thing which is hard to know is if those players really are that good anymore? Ba is more or less a EX player, some doubters said he came to Stockholm for the nightlife. There are also too many new players and little core left since Jonevret took over. Last year was a disaster, but the team finnished 4th so it shouldn't be impossible to be 3th this year. Arneng is the new captain and extremly important and so is Kuivasto. Keeper Dembo Touray is pure class, so is Tobias Hysén and Patrick Amoah is a player not to miss. Overall lots of quality in the team, hopefully it will be used right.

Key Player: Johan Arneng
Look out for: Patrick Amoah

4. Hammarby

I don't think Hammarby is in the same class as the top 3 but with some luck they could take a "Royal league" spot though. The problem with Hammarby is the weak ofensive game, defensively they are pretty good with Australian Ante Covic as keeper. Marteinsson from Iceland and Patrik Gerrbrand will be the CD and the great offennsive machine Max von Schlebrugge a wingack to look out for, (even for our NT coaches). Hammarby got a decent midfield with Furuseth Olsen that has become a winger instead of a forward, Jeffrey Aybunn that is back fom Denmark as the other winger, also the young Petter Andersson that is very fast, and captain Mikkel Jensen they have some unproven backups that could be a problems if keyplayers are getting injured though. Hindsberg was a disaster, hardly played a second. Forwards, Björn Runström and Pablo Pinones Arce, the backups are few. Very reliable on a few chosen players, injury problems for them would mean that Hammarby could finnish lower, they have the quality to be a top team too though.

Key Player: Mikkel Jensen
Look out for: Pablo Pinones Arce

I'll write about the other teams later, this is time consuming :eek:

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5. Helsingborg

I'll have to add Helsingborg as 5th, and that's not cause they are that convincing but rather cause I can't come up with anyone better, sure Helsingborg got alot of interesting youth players but they have a extremly young midfield and that will be a problem in the long run. The defence shouldn't be a problem this year though, the promising Andraes Granqvist and the new ex-Aik Fredrik Björck but also David Ljung (Ex-Aik) And I hope you remember the Euro 2004 wing back Erik Wahlstedt :D Eldrin Karisik seems exciting for the midfield but hopefully Canadian Atiba Hutchinson will show why he was bought this season too. Graulund and Gustav Andersson on top, not too convincing.

Key Player: Atiba Hutchinson
Watch out for: Eldrin Karisik

6. Häcken

Häcken will be this season's big surprise, the reason is that they play a openminded football and have these 3 Liberians, Dixon, Johnson and Williams. Häcken will do what Kalmar did last year and surprise everyone with finnishing 6th. They also signed Lucic, our NT player and the Danish dynamite Stig Töfting. Watch out!

Key Player: Teddy Lucic
Watch out of: Dioh Williams

7. Halmstad

They lost Rosenberg and Touma and the new signing Fribrock will miss the whole season. "Average" Halmstad will have to rely on what they have. Dusan Djuric is a key player, a new NT player and a excellent young DM that is both tough, and smart. HBK still have this thing called "team spirit" they play simple on their resources and they hardly make drastical changes. Tommy Jönsson is a good defender with a few caps and Yaw Preko is a decent forward that must produce this year.

Key player: Dusan Djuric
Watch out for: Dusan Djuric

8. Elfsborg

They have a great youth for sure, but the team overall looks kinda plain. Lars Nilsson left for Herenveen and Berggren is pretty much what they have upfront. Keeper Johan Wiland was so so last year, the defence is a bunch of nobodies but the midfield is super interesting with Anders Svensson coming back from exile and Samuel Holmén that is very good too. Elfsborg will be a midtable team, they could even finnish higher but the squad is not very big.

Key Player: Anders Svensson
Watch out for: Samuel Holmén

9. Örgryte

I've heard everyone say negative things about them, but if you look at the squad they are not that bad and if it would go bad they probably bring in some new brazilian that will dominate again. New coach Zoran Lukic isn't all that IMo, but he's good enough to save this team and help them for a while. Last is a decent keeper but short. Defensively they have Phiri and Brazilian Valter Tomaz Jr, that already came in 97 (Wth did he find in Sweden?) midfield looks week with only 30+ Källander as good enough. But they do have forwards, Mwila, Hemberg, Benchenaa but especially Ailton and Paulinho Guara, one of the best forwards in the league.

Key Player: Magnus Källander
Watch out for: Ailton, (although he was already good last year)

10. Sundsvall

They play smart and tactic, but are pretty boring. It seems like they have establish themselves in Allsvenskan now, and it is the only team together with Gävle from over Stockholm. Great keeper, Fredrik Sundfors and very good wingback Fredrik Lundqvist. The tough air specialist Patrik Eriksson- Ohlsson too and Norwegain Öyvind Svenning (Ex Rosenborg I think). Midfield doesn't scare many though and forward wise they have Andreas Hermansson, Jonas Wallerstedt (he's only 27, I thought he was 35) and joker Kalle Ljungberg (adopted from Colombia) to spice up this team. Their strenght is the defence, otherwise they are quite harmless and boring, but they will hang on, for another year.

Key Player: Fredrik Sundfors
Wacth our for: Kalle Ljungberg

11. Kalmar

They finnished on a great 5th place last year, back then they were underrated by everyone and no-one was aware of their fast counter-attacks and their great Brazilians. Nanne Bergstrand which I consider a overrated coach and his mentality to bring in Brazilians is also bad for Swedish football, however it worked one season. They will be saved again now, but on a average 11th place. Giant Svante Samuelsson and Brazilians Fabio Augusto, Cesar Santin and especially Dede Andersson that is very good, (despite heading another player and always beeing kicked out last year) are key players.

Key Player: Dede Anderson
Watch out for: Dede Anderson (Good last season before suspension)

12. Assyriska

I hope, they will stay in the league. It's a very interesting story about this team founded in 1975 on small resources by a couple of Assyrian imigrants and playing modest DIV 5 football, the Assyrians have no own country so this became their un-official NT with interest from all over the world. They were extremly close on getting promoted already some years but lost the quali game and other years they just finnished under the promotion spot, Now they lost again to ÖIS but thanks to the degradation of Örebro they were promoted, unfortuantely it took a very long time in the court so the team didn't know for sure if they were promoted or not til very late and couldn't prepare themselves nor sign many new players to the club, there have also been some troubles in the team. Threats, resignings and a new un-experienced coach from Portugal. I don't know how it will go, but they are a very fascionating team with great home support and some pretty good players, I say they'll make it by a inch. Erland Hellström, their keeper is the son or our legendary NT keeper in the 70's ;) Erland is good too. Other then that wacth out for Melke Demir, Stefan Batan and Andreas Yacob Haddad, also Kabba Samura ex-Göteborg.

Key Player: Erland Hellström
Watch out for: Andreas Yacob Haddad

13. Landskrona

Just like Kalmar they played over their potential last season but will go down now. They have a weak squad and few players to make the diffrence. I like their wingback Gabriel Ucar, Jon Jönsson on loan from MFF will be important too and also the youngster Kevin Amunike from Nigeria and hopefully veteran Jörgen "Bullen" Petterson, but he was a flop last year.

Key Player: Jörgen Petterson, could make the diffrence?
Watch out for: Kevin Amunike

14. Gefle

Gefle will do exactly like Trellborg and countless of other teams did, they dominate div 1 with experience and physical football, but when they reach the top division they are inadequate against they fast, teqnical squads in Allsvenskan. Gefle's odds for remaining here are thin. They also have few good players. Makondele on loan from Dif could save them? or Westin they goal scorer.

Key Player: Daniel Westin
Watch out for: Rene Makondele

That is all, questions are welcolmed.

The soccer interest are on boiling point in Malmö! more then 14.000 season card have been sold and 26.000 ticket have been sold for the première on Sunday. The stadium take 27.500 and it will be fullhouse for sure.....

It's bigg interest all over sweden at this moment, it will be fullhouse in Sundsvall,more then 12.000 tickets have been sold for tomorrow opening game Helsingborg-Halmstad, Djurgården have sold more then 11.000 for the game against Häcken, Assyriska-Hammarby more then 20.000.... However I think the Public average will fall a bit from the last 5 years amazing public average since the audience team number 1 AIK playd in the second league this year. It's sad for Allsvenskan that AIK have been substitute by Häcken and Gefle who have no audience what so ever and apart from that AIK is a bigg name in sweden and full up the stadiums when the playd away too and no one are interested in Gefle or Häcken.......

Also we will miss the derby games AIK-Hammarby,AIK-Djurgården who have drew the amazing 30.000 in audience the last 5 years. Allsvenskan needs AIK and I hope the will make a very fast comback.....

second league (superettan) will have a huge audience this year as several Swedish tradition teams play in that liga, AIK,Örebro SK,Degerfors IF,Öster IF,IFK Norrköping,Åtvidaberg,GAIS,Mjälby...... If you put this teams together they have won almost as much swedish league titles as if you put this years teams in the first league together. AIK have sold almost 6.000 season card wich is amazing for the second league (last year it was 13.000 but they playd in allsvenskan last year)

Allvenskan have gott several very well known profile over the last year and are with out doubt the hotest skandinavia league at this moment. Ibrahim ba and Jesper Blomqvist who playd together in AC Miland have been signed by Djurgården, Nicklas Aleksandersson from Everton and swedish NT player are signd by IFK Göteborg, Anders Svensson from Southampton and Swedish NT player are signed by Elfsborg but he will start to play with Elfsborg in Juni, Stig the Dansih Pitbull and former danish NT player with experienc from Bolton and Hamburg are signed by Häcken, Tedy Lucic Swedish NT player and experienc from england and germany like Stig are signed by Häcken, Patrick Andersson former Swedish NT player and former Bayern and Barcelona player are signed by Malmö FF, Yksel Osmanovski former Swedish NT player and former Bari and Torino player are signed by Malmö FF, Andersson the brother of Patrick and Swedish NT player with experienc from Italy are signed by Malmö FF, Rosenberg are back from Halmstad to Malmö and turn dawn an amazing 7.5 million euro offer from Lokomotiv Moskva very recently......... Stefan Selakovic fromer Swedish NT player are signed by IFK Göteborg from SC Heerenveen... So it's a lot of profile in allsvenskan this year!!!!!

I think that Malmö FF will win Allsvenskan again and I think that Gefle and Sundsvall will play in the superettan(second league) next year. AIK and Örebro will make a fast comback.....
Everybady think that Assyriska will play in sueprettan next year but not me, I think they will suprise all in Sweden and make the 10th place and they will suprise Hammarby in the first game I hope and Think. One Armenian NT midd player are about to sign with AFF and that will be a vary late sign.... The new Portuguese coach José Morais are a very smart coach and he have work together with the present Chelsea coach Mourinho for one year some years ago, Assyriska have the objective weakest team but I believe that Morais can suprise....

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That was a very nice post Naum, good to hear from you, and hope to see you more around the Nordic forum.

Impressive figures for AIK, but also interesting to note that AaFK actually sold more season tickets than AIK this season, and that was when they had to stop selling tickets because they didnt want the matches to be sold out before the season had started! It does sound like Superettan will be very interesting though, and it will be especially interesting to follow AIK.
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