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This might not be too popular but it needs to be said.
I know it was a bad decision in the Juve-Parma game by the referee, but to claim that the match was rigged is going to far (find this at laziomania).
Juventus if they win the Scudetto, would have won it fair and deservedly. Remember they were 9 points clear.
To blame the Scudetto on referees isn't fair either. This has been a difficult season for referees but their performances in some games can be put down to other reasons too.
There is too much public opinion on referees.

Lazio are unlucky I know. But although this trouble in Italy is ridiculous and is a low point in Italian football. This outcry is just a quick scapegoat. Juventus have been the better team all season and if they win Serie A, then they deserve it.

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There are too many public opinions about the referee because there also too many incidents that made by the referee ....

I think this topic is good but old and ancient ..... and maybe the only reason you wrote it because 'the blue line' on your last sentences :) :) :) :) :) :) :) nice try ...
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