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Since there's already a post about the best XI for the past decade, i figured it might be interesting to do the exact opposite.

Let's see those magic players pop from your memory! Players that didn't played any match don't count!

Go to [http://www.zerozero.pt/equipa.php?epoca_id=130&id=4], select the season you want and you get to remember all our squads. It will help you a lot.

As for my choices, here they are:

GK: Bossio
DR: Luís Filipe
DL: Pesaresi
DC: Ronaldo
DC: Paulo Madeira (how he got to the NT i will never know)
MR: Balboa
ML: Sabry
MC: Andrade (used to get sent off every single match)
MC: Paulo Almeida
FC: Derlei
FC: Makukula
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