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Alien Boksic

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Quarrel between Alen Boksic and Galatasaray goes on: Croatian international player, who wants to leave Roma and is living a difficult family moment, puts his foot down asking guarantees about the 8 billion Italian lira-a-year salary promised him by Galatasaray. Whose directors, disappointed by this misconfidence, could break dealings, making the forward happy and, deep down, Cragnotti too because he still likes this player.
We may get him back finally.
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He sould come back but only if our shirt fits him
Do you think he will stay at Lazio?..I am pretty sure Cagnotti will try to sell him again..

Hey, he should come to Vitesse Arnhem (Dutch team for the ones who dont know..shame on you if you dont! :)), we are in need of a striker! ;)
Boksic in Withesse Arnhem ?! NO NO NO :p
It's Vitesse sslazio11 not withesse :)
There is a rumour about Boksic, he is going to Inter and Lazio will get Jugovic as a part exchange deal.
The question is, why the heck Inter need another striker? :)
Anyway, if the deal goes through, i'm quite happy with that.
Jugovic suit with Nedved, believe me "super" Nedved will score 11 goals again, just like he did 3 seasons ago :)
Well, i know that, it was my mistake by tiping :p
typing not tiping ssLazio .. hehe :p :p

Well I dont think that Boksic will be back.

it was funny when i heard he didnt show up for Galatasaray's training, he and his agent were nowhere to be found!!

If he will come back, then we should make him a special shirt .. :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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