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Alfonso Perez

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Did anyone see what this guy was doing last night against Real? Amazing. You were right R&B! we should go all out for him, he won't be all that expensive, because of his age, and he is still excellent. And if I'm not wrong he's a Madrista! Come on Alfoso, show us the cheese :)
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Yep, iam a big fan of his and he is one of the two Betis players that showed any class this year. The other one was Antonio Prats (NOT because of the freekicks...)

Anyway.. Alfonso was topscorer TWICE for MAdrid and was sold for a then hefty fee.

Unfortunately...He got injured very bad and didnt return to 100% fitness until this year..

He hasnt showed much of the classplayer he is, but iam sure of that Real Madrid can afford such a "gamble" as paying up maybe 20$
for a guy that could either be a consistent and good player or- A world class superstar that i love.

If we win CL we really should buy him.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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