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alfonso and denilson to barca!!!!

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these 2 player will probably go on loan one year to barca and then be back to betis if they will be back in the highest division.
what do you think?
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I want IVAN DELA PENA back in BARCA!!!

Alfonso?, Kluivert will have some competition.

BTW I heard Middlesbrough were interested in Dani Garcia for 13 million pounds, anyone know anything about this?
ivan de la pena's dream is to return to barca
we have to see if lazio will let him go...
And now the best news: Chelsea wants Bogarde, and Barça is willing to sell him for 8 million dollars.
Now that sounds like a good deal. I also would like to see Ivan back in Can Barca, he and Pep would be good in the middle.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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