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When Estonia cup is named by our greatest footballer before world war II, then Estonia FA announced today, that on 24th november, at the ending of football season, they will give out award for Estonia coach of the year (probably its going to Kristal) and it is named by Estonia all time greatest coach, Albert Vollrat (1903-1978)

Some greatest achievement from Vollrat

1) AS HEAD COACH he won with Moscow Spartak twice Soviet Union cup in 1946 and 1947
2) Came as assistant coach for Arsenal England champions in 1933 (under Herbert Chapman)
3) Again as assistant coach he won in 1928-1929 with Ferencvaros Hungary championships and Mitropa cup (predecessor of Champions League)
4) Catalonia champion with Barcelona Europe in 1929
5)First-estonian our NT head coach (before him there was only hungarians and Austrians). Althrough he wasn`t very succesful back then
6)+some medals in our local league and 4th place in 1921 wrestling (!) world cup
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