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Day 18 - Jan 4
Sevilla 2-0 Albacete
Valencia 4-2 Villarreal

Day 17 - Dec 21
Valencia 1-0 Sevilla
Albacete 1-1 Athletic

Albacete 4-4-2
_____OscarMontiel Pablo Buades Pena
Redondo Viaud AlvaroRubio DavidSachez
___________Pacheco Aranda

Valencia 4-2-3-1
CurroTorres Ayala Marchena Carboni
__________Albelda Baraja
______JorgeLopez Aimar Vicente

i would admire valencia's perfect defense before madrid's game. :D
so let me give my comment here.
valencia and albacete have played against sevilla consequently.
but they got different results as valencia won while albacete got suck.
probably, valencia's opponent should get a white sheet again.
i want real madrid to learn defense from valencia. :eek:

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I was just able to see some of the highlights, and I must say, that penalty we got shouldn't have been given.
But I am certainly not complaining ;)
Interresting to note Benitez started Sissoko in place of Baraja (to rest him). It's great Sissoko is developing into a solid player. It is both giving Baraja a rest once in a while, and Benitez more options. I must say I'm very surprised at how fast he is developing!


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It´s nice to be winter champions, but it doesn´t tell a thing about the final outcome. The positive thing here is that we´ve been playing in a consistent style which Real hasn´t and if keep this up they will surely have their downs (ups as well)! Ziad, I am also surprised to see Sissoko at so tender age performing so well only thing that bothers me is that he´s labelled as forward everywhere including our official website and ciberche;)!

On the final note I have to say that going with youngsters is the way I want us to go. Sub-17 World Youth Cup was played in Finland this summer and I saw a couple of Spains matches and there was many of our players performing namely both wingers Silva (voted third best player of the tournament) and Sisi (I would call this one a pitbull for his constant running) also there was rb called Pallardo (played in the finals due to an injury to Ruz who´s ours too)! This way our already substantial debt lately of about 150 atleast woulnd´t grow into bankcruptcy!

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That was lucky! Definately not a penalty, there a slight push on Aimar OUTSIDE, but he threw himself in the area and the ref got it wrong.

From what I've read, it was an underserved victory but who gives a damn now, winter champions! :cool:

Real Madrid have a very tough game next aswell, lets hope they drop points, come on Betis! But on the other hand we have Valladolid, who we seem to always struggle against..

NEO, you can add Gavilan to that list, Spain's U-21 left wing!

Oh and I forgot to add, we need a new penalty taker!! Jorge Lopez' took that penalty with no confidence whatsoever IMO.

And I might not be active in the upcoming two weeks due to exams, so behave! ;)
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