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Alé Alé Alé MADRID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raul Scored the last goal=Money for me!!!!!!!!11

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It was never a competition was it? Vastly superior we were :D
Speaking of bets I just pocketed £50 by picking Mori to score the first goal :D.
Seems everybody got rich last night. So did I!

My task was easy though, I had only to pick the winner......
Congratulations from a Liverpool FC fan.
HAHA, i had Mori as well-but as last goalscorer. I had put about 2£ on that and wasnt too happy when my 2nd pick, macca scored. And hoensly, i wasnt all that happy when my lowest bet scored.

But its pretty skillful to pick out every player that scored!
I had £10 on Mori to score the first goal (10-1, unbelievable odds) and £5 on Macca (16-1). They were by far the best odds.
to the REAL&BARCA fan,

everyseason must be a good season for you
Speaking about bets, Mori was 14-1 as last goalscores listed as "other Real Madrid players". Weird huh?
I know some of the prices were stupid, 10-1 I could not believe my luck. The £10 flew out of my pocket.
Where do you guys bet and where the hell do you get that much money from? :) I mean 10 pounds is a fuc*in lot! :)
I only bet on special occasions or when I see odds that can not be turned down. I originally went in for ~Macca to score first and Real to win 3-2, then I saw the Mori bet and could not resist.
I know. I could not believe my eyes.
I waste about 10£ a week and about 25£ when there is a full schedule.

Usually i win :)

But Poker machines seem to eat my profits ;) :)

Iam going to bet 20£ on Spain as Euro winners. The odds will probably be about 4-1.

Anyone think iam crazy?
No, I'll bet on that as well.

I think of also betting on the top goalscorer for Raul and on the Final couple, probably Spain-France or Spain-Holland.
If you want my advice and you probably don't ;) I'd put some money on:
winner - Yugoslavia

why? Spain and Holland are the favorites ans remember the favorites never win :( It's sad, but I think it'll happen again. The lack of Morientes in the squad will show, I'm afraid :(

top goalscorer - Predrag Mijatovic - I'm not being biased or anything here, I just know this guys talent in scoring goals and he'll prove it. Raul will probably be runner-up :(

Anyway if anyone does pick what I have I guarantee a big win, if and when it happens :)
To tell you the truth, I think I'm inclned to agree with you. Not on Yugoslavia, but on the rest.
Anyway, two of the three teams I consider as favorites are going to play against each other in the Quarter Finals (because of the Group format). Huge blow if Spain is thrown out there!
I hope the QF couple is going to be Spain - Holland and the Dutch get thrown out!

Labas, don't say the favorites never win. They do win, but not always, it's like a 60% - 70%. Remember France '98, Brazil '94, Germany - Euro 96 etc. I think one of the favorites is going to win which makes it one among Holland, Spain, France, England and maybe Italy.
If I bet on soccer, oh, those teams that I pick must "thank" me!!!
I think you guys never try that before, whatever you pick, the result will go to the counter way. :(
I tried this on World Cup, and finally Brazil and Holland lost the trophy. :(
So everytime when the important matches come, I just keep my mouth shut or even pray for the enemy side.

Still, Mori things again!!! Everyone overlooks him, even the betting company!!! :( :( :(
Do you want to tell me France was the favorite for France 98!? Definitely not, it was Brazil. They wwere one of the favs, but not the favorite. And it EURO 96 the Germans weren't favs either, but got lucky like always! :( Anyway I agree that it might be one of the big boiys this time around, but I find it quite baffling you put England amongst them. The Brits are one of the ****tiest teams in all of EURO 2000! Only GER< and Slovenia are worse than England! That had to be a misprint Hala :) Anyway favs for EURO 2000 are Spain, Holland, France and IMO also teams that CANNOT be overlooked are: Yugoslavia and Belgium. Watch out for these bastards - they can do a lot :)

And about Mori not being counted I think you're overreacting real, because in the list anounced by Williams in the middle of may for Golden Boot winner Mori was like 5th! Only a couple were ahead of him!
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