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Welcome back Alexx. From the Bergamo chick to the Florence fury... not a change for the better, isn't it?

As for the $up€r £€agu€, I think the main (the only?) reason for its creation is money.
Surely Lazio are a better team than half of those 14 teams (Dortmund? Ajax? PSG?), but sporting criteria mean nothing to Murdoch, Kirch and the rest of the company. Lazio could be the best team on Earth, but if they aren't a money-making machine, then there will be no $up€r £€agu€ for Lazio.
So your brave counterattack could be going to be stopped because of an off-side. Having said that, it's so nice to read your table!

Alexx, I have seen that you're having a party in the Brazilian forum, can I have the invitation picture of the Brazilian lass?

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