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Hello! My name is Oivind von Mehren - I am a norwegian student currently writing a book about african players in European football. I am desperately looking for someone who can help me finding information about the africans playing in Bulgaria! The information I need is their full name, nationality, date of birth and position on field - you can also send me an e-mail at [email protected] :)

Here are some players I have in my database who I could use some extra information on:

1) Has a congolese striker called DELPHIN TSHIBANDA ever played in Bulgaria??? Perhaps for Cherno More???

2) Any info on ISAAC KWOKI playing for BEROE STARA ZAGORA?

3) Has a namibian VICTOR HELU ever played in Bulgaria??? When? Which club?

4) Has ABDUL ADEKUNLE played for SPARTAK VARNA? Anyone know his date of birth? Where is he know?

5) I know SERGE YOFFOU has played in Bulgaria - has a OGUST YOFFOU played there as well? Date of birth?

If anyone know of other former or current african players in Bulgaria leagues – both at first level and importantly at the lower levels – please let me know!

Any information is very much appreciated!!! If you cannot help me - please send this e-mail to someone who might can! I will be eternal grateful!

Yours sincerly

Oivind von Mehren – Norway

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I haven't heard of the players you mentioned but I will see what I can find about them

otherwise there are quite a few African players in Bulgaria

for example Ibrahima Gueye, who's a defender in CSKA, from Senegal, birth date: 19/02/1978

from CSKA again:
Mansur Ayanda - midfielder, from senegal, too but I don't know his birthdate...

I will post some other later today,okay?

I think you will find it inetersting that my home football club Vihren Sandanski(in Second Division) bought three Nigerian players a couple of years ago and they are doing pretty well in the championship with very high chance to get into the professional league. I've met them recently and I know only their first names and that one of them is a keeper the othertwo forwards, but on first occasion I will get to know more

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