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[FIFA Ranking] December 2005

Out today.
Ghana win best mover award for 2005 moving from #77 to #50 in the past 12 months.

Some observations on the Top 10 in Africa:
Cameroon --still Africa's #1 team, now #23 in the World. Non WC qualification will sting but hopefully they get some good tune-up games with Euro opposition in 2006.

Nigeria --went up 1 spot even though they lost to Romania recently. ANC will be a test for coaching crew who just called FIFTY players to camp for next month's tourney. Eeeks!!!

Tunisia --Inactive lately. Strong showing in ANC may move them to #1 in Africa over Cam and Nigeria.

Senegal--2002 squad still being played; not as strong as last WC. May not make it past group phase in ANC, further taken them lower in rankings.

Egypt -- My pick for ANC Champs 2006 :). Have something to prove in the ANC esp after not qualifying for WC from the GoD.

Morocco -- Best team in Africa not going to WC.

CIV ---1 position drop from Nov even though they drew 1-1 with Italy. Holding at #42 tied with Jamaica!!!

South Africa ---been dropping down the table quite fast in 2005 after a string of defeats. No longer considered as powerhouse in Africa. Too many defeats in the past few months...v Burkina Faso, Iceland, Germany.

Ghana --beat Saudi Arabia 3-1 in Nov yet we still at #50!!!!

Zimbabwe ----hello? Cosafa Cup performance perhaps?
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Best of the rest...

Link from FIFA

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I stopped taking these rankings seriously a LONG time ago so I wouldnt worry about Ghana being ranked 50th. You can tell the strength of a team with results in its last 5 games (or 6-12 months), anything before that is useless.

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In summary

So Guinea moves up 2 spots by virtue of USA dropping fast (off topic - is the US being ranked properly now?). Would love to see Guinea results of the last 4 years. They did great in ANC 2006 winning all their group games, including the beating of a weakened Tunisia side in the final grp game. Egypt also moves up 5 points to a more deserving ranking.

Gradually, I am becoming a believer of these rankings as they are more reflective of teams' strengths.

Teams I would love to see in the top 30: Mali, Morocco.


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7 teams with the best 30. That seems rather high to me. Roughly a quarter of the worlds best teams are African then.

How does the ranking work actually? Do you get points for wins, and points deducted for losses or something?

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Sept 2006

No major changes for African teams, except Ghana which climbed 2 places and Guinea which went the other direction. Keeping an eye on Mali (60) which is unchanged and South Africa (76) , also unchanged. 3 African teams in the top 20 - not bad

1. Nigeria (11)
2. Cameroun (12)
3. Cote d'Ivoire (19)
4. Ghana (23) <--------whoa!!!!!!!!!!
5. Guinea (26)
6. Egypt (27)
7. Tunisia (31)
8. Senegal (33)

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From FIFA website

11. Nigeria
12. Cameroun
18. Cote d'Ivoire
24. Ghana
25. Egypt
28. Tunisia
31. Guinea
39. Senegal
40. Morocco
41. Mali
65. South Africa

The good news is Bafana Bafana have jumped 11 places.<runs off to check their recent results> and are now approaching respectable territory. Bad news - Teranga Lions dropping 6 spots most likely due to the recent loss against Burkina Faso. Overall, the rankings are pretty much on par with what is happening in the African game. Rumour (or fact, depending on whom you ask) has it that friendlies do not count toward the ranking. This would explain Ghana holding steady in the mid-twenties despite impressive results v Japan and South Korea.

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Nigeria out of the radar...really OUT!!!! by virtue of inactivity in 2006. Cameroon is now our only saviour in the Top 20.. Surprised taht Egypt has dropped so low, can anyone shed any light on this?

.Cameroon 17
2.Ivory Coast 21
3.Ghana 22
4. Mali 35
5.Nigeria 36
6. Senegal 38
7.Egypt 42
8. Morocco 43
9.Tunisia 45
10. Burkina Faso 57
11. Angola 58
12. South Africa 59
13.Guinea 62
14. Zambia 65
15. Togo 69
16. Algeria 80
17. DR Congo 82
18. Ethiopia 91
19. Congo 93
20. Zimbabwe 94

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These rankings are honestly complete BS.

We didnt play last month and we went up the rankings to 17th, this month we played one game and won it (Egypt 2-0 Sweden) and we go down 23 spots?


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It is becos you doñ't understand how the rankings work.
Results from a year ago are devalued whiles more weight is given to recent games. Egypt was ranked high becos of it's Nations Cup success last year. We are in February 2007 and all those wins are being DEVALUED, however the problem is that be4 the Sweden game Egypt played at least 3 intl(not so sure) and couldn't win so no pt. You gaining no point whiles last year success is being devalued.

The same thing goes to Nigeria. They were riding on the Nations Cup success 12 months ago. DIdn't take part in World Cup and don't play friendlies so as soon as their ANC was devalued, they went plunging. Same applies to Cameroon.

One more lost and cameroon will go plunging the ladder too.
Ghana for instance was horrible at the ANC but those are being devalued whiles value is being given to their current wins. Next month..Ghana is likely to continue it's stability since their loss to Mexico(in March 2006) will be devalued whiles a win against Austria is gonna get them some pt(albeit little).

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The new FIFA rankings were published today. Top 20 (with last months ranking in brackets):

1. Cameroon (1)
2. Ivory Coast (3)
3. Nigeria (5)
4. Ghana (2)
5. Egypt (6)
6. Mali (4)
7. Senegal (8)
8. Tunisia (9)
9. Morocco (7)
10. Guinea (13)
11. Burkina Faso (10)
12. Angola (11)
13. South Africa (12)
14. Algeria (16)
15. Togo (15)
16. Zambia (14)
17. Congo (21)
18. Zimbabwe (20)
19. DR Congo (18)
20. Equatorial Guinea (27)

Libya (now 22nd) and Ethiopia (now 23rd) fell out of the top 20.
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