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AFC Champions League 2005

Group A
Paas (Iran)
Police Club (Iraq)
Al-Salmiya (Kuwait)
Al-Rayyan (Qatar)

Group B
Al-Ain (United Arab Emirates)
Sepahan (Iran)
Al-Shabab (Saudi Arabia)
Al-Wahda (Syria)

Group C
Neftchi (Uzbakistan)
Al-Ahli (United Arab Emirates)
Al-Sadd (Qatar)
Kuwait FC (Kuwait)

Group D
Al-Zawra (Iraq)
Pakhtakor (Uzbakistan)
Al-Jaish (Syria)
Al-Ahli (Saudi Arabia)

Group E
Shenzhen Jianliboa (China)
Suwon Samsung Bluewings (South Korea)
Hoang Anh Gia Lai (Vietnam)
Jubilo Iwata (Japan)

Group F
BEC Tero Sasana (Thailand)
Shandong Luneng Taishan (China)
Yokohama F. Marinos (Japan)
PSM (Indonesia)

Group G
Busan Icons (South Korea)
Krung Thai Bank (Thailand)
Persebaya (Indonesia)
Binh Dinh (Vietnam)

NB: holders Al-Ittihad (Saudi Arabia) have bye to quarterfinals

2003 Al-Ain (UAE)
2004 Al-Ittihad (Saudi Arabia)
2005 ??

West Asia: 2/2
East Asia: 0/2

Saudi Arabia: 1/2
United Arab Emirates: 1/2

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Group A
Pas (Iran) 16 Points
Al-Salmiya (Kuwait) 8 Points
Al-Rayyan (Qatar) 7 Points
Police Club (Iraq) 2 Points

Mar  9: Pas - Al Rayyan                         2-1 
Mar  9: Al Salmiya - Police                     3-1 
Mar 16: Al Rayyan - Al Salmiya                  2-1 
Mar 15: Police - Pas                            1-1 
Apr  6: Al Rayyan - Police                      0-2 
Apr  6: Pas - Al Salmiya                        5-1 
Apr 20: Police - Al Rayyan                      0-0 
Apr 20: Al Salmiya - Pas                        0-1 
May 11: Al Rayyan - Pas                         1-2 
May 11: Police - Al Salmiya                     0-1 
May 25: Pas - Police                            1-0 
May 25: Al Salmiya - Al Rayyan                  2-0

Group B
Al-Ain (United Arab Emirates) 13 Points
Sepahan (Iran) 11 Points
Al-Shabab (Saudi Arabia) 10 Points
Al-Wahda (Syria) 0

Mar  9: Al Ain-Al Wahda                         3-0 
Mar  9: Al Shabab - Sepahan                     1-1 
Mar 16: Al Wahda - Al Shabab                    1-2 
Mar 16: Sepahan - Al Ain                        1-1 
Apr  6: Al Wahda - Sepahan                      1-3 
Apr  6: Al Ain - Al Shabab                      3-0 
Apr 20: Sepahan - Al Wahda                      2-0 
Apr 20: Al Shabab - Al Ain                      1-0 
May 11: Al Wahda - Al Ain                       2-3 
May 11: Sepahan - Al Shabab                     1-0 
May 25: Al Ain - Sepahan                        3-2 
May 25: Al Shabab - Al Wahda                    3-1

Group C
Al-Sadd (Qatar) 12 Points
Neftchi (Uzbakistan) 9 Points
Kuwait FC (Kuwait) 7 Points
Al-Ahli (United Arab Emirates) 7 Points

Mar  9: Neftchi - Al Kuwait                     1-0 
Mar  9: Al Sadd - Al Ahli                       2-0 
Mar 16: Al Kuwait - Al Sadd                     0-1 
Mar 16: Al Ahli - Neftchi                       3-0 
Apr  6: Al Kuwait - Al Ahli                     1-0 
Apr  6: Neftchi - Al Sadd                       2-0 
Apr 20: Al Ahli - Al Kuwait                     3-3 
Apr 20: Al Sadd - Neftchi                       3-2 
May 11: Al Kuwait - Neftchi                     1-0 
May 11: Al Ahli - Al Sadd                       2-1 
May 25: Neftchi - Al Ahli                       3-0 
May 25: Al Sadd - Al Kuwait                     1-0

Group D
Al-Ahli (Saudi Arabia) 15 Points
Pakhtakor (Uzbakistan) 9 Points
Al-Zawra (Iraq) 7 Points
Al-Jaish (Syria) 4 Points

Mar  8: Al Zawra   - Al Ahli                    1-2 
Mar  9: Al Jaish - Pakhtakor                    0-2 
Mar 16: Al Ahli - Al Jaish                      3-1 
Mar 16: Pakhtakor- Al Zawra                     1-2 
Apr  6: Al Ahli  - Pakhtakor                    3-0 
Apr  6: Al Zawra - Al Jaish                     1-5 
Apr 20: Pakhtakor - Al Ahli                     2-1 
Apr 20: Al Jaish - Al Zawra                     0-0 
May 11: Al Ahli  - Al Zawra                     5-1 
May 11: Pakhtakor  - Al Jaish                   4-1 
May 25: Al Zawra - Pakhtakor                    1-0 
May 25: Al Jaish - Al Ahli                      0-4

Group E
Shenzhen Jianliboa (China) 13 Points
Suwon Samsung Bluewings (South Korea) 13 Points
Jubilo Iwata (Japan) 9 Points
Hoang Anh Gia Lai (Vietnam) 0

Mar  9: Shenzhen Jianliboa - Jubilo Iwata       1-0 
Mar  9: Hoang Anh Gia Lai - Suwon S. Bluewings  1-5 
Mar 16: Jubilo Iwata - Hoang Anh Gia Lai        6-0 
Mar 16: Suwon S. Bluewings - Shenzhen Jianliboa 0-0 
Apr  6: Jubilo Iwata - Suwon Samsung Bluewings  0-1 
Apr  6: Shenzhen Jianliboa - Hoang Anh Gia Lai  5-0 
Apr 20: Suwon Samsung Bluewings - Jubilo Iwata  2-1 
Apr 20: Hoang Anh Gia Lai - Shenzhen Jianliboa  0-2 
May 11: Jubilo Iwata - Shenzhen Jianliboa       3-0 
May 11: Suwon S. Bluewings - Hoang Anh Gia Lai  6-0 
May 25: Shenzhen Jianliboa - Suwon S. Bluewings 1-0 
May 25: Hoang Anh Gia Lai - Jubilo Iwata        0-1

Group F
Shandong Luneng Taishan (China) 18 Points
Yokohama F. Marinos (Japan) 12 Points
PSM (Indonesia) 4 Points
BEC Tero Sasana (Thailand) 1 Point

Mar  9: BEC Tero Sasana - PSM                   0-1 
Mar  9: Yokohama F. Marinos - Shandong L.T.     0-1 
Mar 16: PSM - Yokohama F. Marinos               0-2 
Mar 16: Shandong L. Taishan - BEC Tero Sasana   1-0 
Apr  6: PSM - Shandong Luneng Taishan           0-1 
Apr  6: BEC Tero Sasana - Yokohama F. Marinos   1-2 
Apr 20: Shandong Luneng Taishan - PSM           6-1 
Apr 20: Yokohama F. Marinos - BEC Tero Sasana   2-0 
May 11: PSM - BEC Tero Sasana                   2-2 
May 11: Shandong L.T. - Yokohama F. Marinos     2-1 
May 25: BEC Tero Sasana - Shandong L. Taishan   0-4 
May 25: Yokohama F. Marinos - PSM               3-0

Group G
Busan Icons (South Korea) 18 Points
Krung Thai Bank (Thailand) 9 Points
Binh Dinh (Vietnam) 4 Point
Persebaya (Indonesia) 4 Point

Mar  9: Busan Icons - Binh Dinh                 8-0 
Mar  9: Persebaya - Krung Thai Bank             1-2 
Mar 16: Binh Dinh - Persebaya                   0-0 
Mar 16: Krung Thai Bank - Busan Icons           0-2 
Apr  6: Binh Dinh - Krung Thai Bank             1-2 
Apr  6: Busan Icons - Persebaya                 4-0 
Apr 20: Krung Thai Bank - Binh Dinh             0-1 
Apr 20: Persebaya - Busan Icons                 0-3 
May 11: Binh Dinh - Busan Icons                 0-4 
May 11: Krung Thai Bank - Persebaya             1-0 
May 25: Busan Icons - Krung Thai Bank           4-0 
May 25: Persebaya - Binh Dinh                   1-0

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Watch out for Suwon Samsung :veiled: They are really prepared and waited this tournament. Suwon vs. Jubilo will be interesting game :cool:

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Geynrikh returns to Pakhtakor on loan

Pakhtakor’s bid for this season’s AFC Champions League crown has been boosted by the return of Uzbekistan international striker Alexander Geynrikh on loan from Russian side CSKA Moscow.

The 20-year-old has rejoined his former side for the upcoming season as he seeks regular football in order to retain his spot in the national team during their campaign in the World Cup 2006 Asian Qualifiers.

Geynrikh was the Uzbek Player of the Year in 2002 as an 18-year-old when he helped Pakhtakor to win the league and cup double and to reach the group stage of the inaugural AFC Champions League tournament.

He joined CSKA Moscow in January 2003 and although he was looked at closely by CSKA manager Valeriy Gazzayev in the off-season, he was unable to nail down a place in the line-up with Brazilian Vagner Love, Croatian Ivica Olic and local star Dmitriy Kirichenko ahead of him in the pecking order.

Geyrikh made no senior appearances for CSKA in 2004 and spent most of the time in the reserve squad with a loan spell at Russian League One Side Khimki in December.

He was a regular though for the Uzbek national team, scoring two goals at the Asian Cup and also helping his side to get through a tough World Cup first round qualifying group that included Iraq.

Seeking to retain his place in the national team, he decided to rejoin former club Pakhtakor and remain in Uzbekistan for the final round of the World Cup qualifiers.

Geynikh has appeared in Pakhtakor’s pre-season training camp matches in Turkey, including a goalless draw against Ukrainian League One club Shakhtar-2 last Tuesday.

Pakhtakor, who reached the semi-finals of the AFC Champions League in its first two seasons, are in Group D for this year’s tournament with Al Zawra’a of Iraq, Al Jaish of Syria and Saudi Arabia’s Al Ahli.

Their first match of the new campaign will be a visit to Damascus to meet Al Jaish on March 9.

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Al Sadd, Qatar

Al Sadd Foreign Players

Abdulqader Kita " Ivory cost"
Damn Dreya " Ghana "
Hussain Kabi " Iran "
Yousif Shipo " Morocco "

Al Rayyan, Qatar

Al Rayyan Foreign Players

Abdullah Al-marzouki "Bahrain"
Ali Bin Arabiah "Algeria"
Da Silva Sonny Anderson "Brazil"
Frank de Boer" Netherlands"
Hussain Ali "Bahrain"
Ronald de Boer" Netherlands"

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Club championship a boost for Asia: Kawabuchi​

TOKYO - Japan Football Association president Saburo Kawabuchi has said that qualification for the FIFA Club World Championship through the AFC Champions League will be a boost for football in Asia.

Speaking on Monday, Kawabuchi said that the Club World Championship, a six-team competition to be played from December 11 to 18 in Japan, will give Asian clubs an even larger target to aim for beyond the continent’s biggest club tournament, the AFC Champions League.

"As a result of having this tournament as a target, not only the J.League but also the leagues in every Asian country and Asian football as a whole will be stronger," said Kawabuchi, as reported by the Yomiuri Shimbun.

The Club World Championship, which features the club champions of all six of FIFA’s confederations, will replace the Intercontinental Cup, an annual match-up between the champions of Europe and South America that began in 1960 and had been played in Japan since 1980.

Japan will continue to host the new format of the Club World Championship for the next two years and Kawabuchi is confident that the East Asian nation will do a sterling job with another major international football competition.

"We have to make this a special FIFA Club World Championship," said Kawabuchi, "and we're honored to do this having had the Toyota Cup here for a quarter of a century and in recognition of our achievement of holding the World Cup in 2002.

"This tournament will decide the strongest club team in the world and, like the World Cup, the attention of the entire world will be focused on this tournament."

Asia will be represented by the winners of the AFC Champions League, which kicks off early next month with 28 league and cup winners from 14 countries battling it out in seven groups for spots in the knockout stage.

Champions Al Ittihad of Saudi Arabia, who beat Korea’s Seongnam Chunma in last year’s final, have been given a bye through the group stage and will join the competition at the quarter-final stage in September.

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Al- Zawra 3-0 Iraq National Team

Good News: we have a Strong Club, so we may do something in the Asian Champions League

Bad News: WTF our ((NEW)) national team is so weak, is this the team we will face Australia with ?

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ACL champions fired up for Jeddah derby​

JEDDAH – Reigning AFC Champions League champions Al Ittihad will be looking to maintain their dominance over city rivals Al Ahli in the eagerly anticipated second installment of the Jeddah derby on Saturday.

Al Ittihad will also hope to reduce the deficit on Saudi Arabia 2004/05 league leaders Al Hilal, who they trail ten points.

However, they have two games in hand and will be hoping to close the gap with victory over Al Ahli, who will also represent Saudi Arabia in the 2005 AFC Champions League.

Al Ittihad, who orchestrated one of the greatest comebacks in Asian football history when they defeated Seongnam Ihlwa Chunma in the 2004 AFC Champions League final, host the match and hold the psychological edge over Al Ahli having won the first clash of the season between the two great rivals back in September 2004.

Al Ahli, , went a goal down through an 11th minute penalty through Al Ittihad’s influential midfielder Mohammed Nour but Carlos Oliveira equalized 20 minutes later.

Five minutes before the interval veteran Al Ittihad striker Hamzah Idriss made it 2-1 before an own-goal from before Al Ahli’s Walid Abedraboh inadvertently made it 3-1 when he put the ball in his own net in the 60th minute.

Ibrahim Suwaid piled on the agony when he scored Al Ittihad’s fourth four minutes later while Saudi Arabia international Talal Al Meshal grabbed a late consolation for Al Ahli three minutes from time.

Al Ahli make their Asian Champions League debut on March 8 when they take on Iraq’s Al Zawra’a, while Al Ittihad, as defending champions, have been given an automatic bye to the quarter-finals.

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Freddy23 said:

Do you think Al Rayyan could be strong enough to win the AFC Champions League with their stars Frank and Ronald de Boer and Sonny Anderson?
Al Rayyan a strong Club. thy have a super stars plus thy have a half of the Qatari National Tam Players
and we know that Qatar won the Gulf cup before 2 months
so i may say Al Rayyan will do something in the AFC Champions league
but dont Forget Al Rayyan Grouped with Paas, Police and Al Samiya
and all this three clubs not that good in the current Situation
see. Paas now number 8 in the Iran League, Al-Salmiya number 6 in the Kuwait League and Police club number one in the Iraq League Group D but i can tell that Police Club can stand front the Asian Teams

so Al Rayyan will Qualify from this Group for sure

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Busan held by Paraguayan side

AFC Champions League contenders Busan I’park remained on course to win the Tongyeong International Football Tournament despite being held to a 1-1 draw by Paraguayan club Tacuary on Friday.

Having beaten K-League rivals Chonbuk Motors 2-1 in their opening match on Wednesday, the Korean FA Cup holders appeared to be headed for their second win of the tournament after taking the lead after just two minutes through a free-kick by Lee Jung-hyo

However, their hopes were dashed when Carlos Luis Torres leveled the score for the Paraguayans in the 53rd minute.

Busan lead the standings at the four-team tournament by virtue of scoring a goal more than Tacuary, who beat Japan’s Oita Trinita 1-0 in their opener, but will need to win their final match against Oita on Sunday in order to claim the title in the southern port city of Tongyeong in South Kyongsang Province.

Oita bounced back from their defeat to Tacuary to beat Chonbuk 3-1 in Friday’s other match. Shota Matsuhashi scored two first-half goals for the Japanese side before Yoshihiro Uchimura added a third five minutes after the break.

Chonbuk’s Wang Jung-hyun scored a consolation goal for his side on the hour.

Oita, who are coached by Korean Hwangbo Kwan could still win the competition if they beat Busan and Tacuary fail to record a win against Chonbuk on Sunday.

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Al Ittihad prevail in Jeddah derby

Reigning AFC Champions League champions Al Ittihad defeated city rivals Al Ahli for the second time this season as goals from their South American strike force saw them edge a thrilling Jeddah derby 3-2.

Colombian striker Sergio Herrera headed Al Ittihad into a ninth minute lead but the advantage lasted barely five minutes as Tayseer Al Jasim levelled for Al Ahli.

Brazilian forward Ricardo Sergio, scorer of a hat-trick in Al Hilal’s 3-2 victory over Jubilo Iwata in the 1999/2000 Asian Club Championship final, put Al Ittihad in front shortly after the interval but again Al Ahli would draw level.

Sergio’s compatriot Jose Roggerio Perreira equalized in the 66th minute and could have added a second four minutes but the Brazilian missed from close range.

Sergio made Al Ahli pay for the profligacy when, with three minutes left to play, headed home Saleh Al Saqri’s cross for the winner.

The victory kept Al Ittihad in third place, five points behind defending champions Al Shabab and seven behind runaway leaders Al Hilal.

Al Hilal maintained their good run of form with a 3-1 away victory over Al Ansar while Al Shabab, who like Al Ittihad and Al Ahli will represent the Kingdom in the 2005 ACL, kept pace with the Riyadh giants with a 2-1 win over Al Wahda.

In other Round 16 matches Al Taei suffered a 2-1 defeat against Al Qadissiya, Al Nasr hammered Al Riyadh 3-1 and Al Ittifaq beat basement-dwellers Uhod 2-1.

Al Kuwait poised for league leadership​

AFC Champions League qualifiers Al Kuwait could overtake Kuwaiti league leaders Al Qadisiya at the top of the table if they win their game in hand after the 2004 double winners went down 1-0 to Kazma.
Egyptian striker Mohammed Fadl scored the only goal of the game in the 26th minute and while Al Qadisiya laid siege to their opponents’ goal, Kazma keeper Bader Juma was in inspired mood.
Al Kuwait’s meeting with Al Shabab, who have yet to pick up a point this season, was postponed due to their Arab Champions League commitments but they are now only two points behind Al Qadisiya.
Al Kuwait, like Kazma and Al Yormuk, who won 2-0 at home against Al Sahel are on ten points with Al Qadisiya on 12.
Meanwhile Kuwait’s other AFC Champions league representatives Al Salmiya dropped off the pace as they were held to a 1-1 draw by Al Fahaheel.
Al Salmiya went behind after just five minutes when Saoud Feryan gave the visitors a shock lead but with four minutes of the first half left to play Saadoun Al Shammari

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Be proud to represent Asia: Hammam​

KUALA LUMPUR – Asian Football Confederation President Mohamed Bin Hammam opened an AFC Champions League seminar in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, calling on Asian clubs to take pride in representing their countries and continent in international competition.

The third edition of Asia’s biggest club tournament has the added bonus this year of offering a spot in the FIFA Club World Championship to the winners and the AFC are keen to see the continent’s representatives put on a good show in Yokohama in December.

“The winners of this year’s AFC Champions League will have the honour of representing Asia in the FIFA Club World Championship and we do not want them to fail,” said the AFC President in his keynote address to delegates at the opening of the seminar.

“As this is an important tournament, we want our Asian representative to be competitive against the champions of the other confederations.

“They should be up to the challenge in Japan and be a proud representative not only of their club, but of their country and their continent.”

This year’s AFC Champions League features a total of 29 teams including the league champions and cup winners of the top 14 countries in the AFC’s ‘Vision Asia’ ranking. While congratulating the clubs on their domestic successes, Hammam also highlighted the importance that they play in the development of the game in Asia.

“Congratulations to all of your clubs for representing your countries in this competition. Clubs are the base and foundation of all of our development work at the AFC and we all believe that without clubs and stable leagues, there will not be any development of football,” he said.

“Without clubs, there will not be places for youths to develop their skills. And without clubs, it will be difficult to find the players who will go on to represent their countries in international competition. Therefore, clubs have a great responsibility in the development of football.”

The AFC Champions League seminar is an opportunity for competing clubs and their national associations to meet and connect with the tournament’s organizing committee ahead of the start of this year’s competition. The two-day event at AFC House will brief teams on the rules and regulations of this year’s event as well as addressing other matters pertaining to the smooth running of the competition.

Matchday One of the AFC Champions League takes place on March 8 and 9 with 14 matches throughout the continent. A total of 28 teams have been split into seven groups with the first-placed team in each section joining defending champions Al Ittihad of Saudi Arabia in the quarter-finals.

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Morale boosting win for Al Zawra’a​

Al Zawra scored a morale-boasting win ahead of Wednesday’s 2005 AFC Champions League Group C opener against Al Ahli with a 6-0 win over Babel in their second stage Iraq league fixture.
The Baghdad giants took the lead after only three minutes when Fawzi Abdulsada netted the first goal from the penalty spot, but Al Zawra couldn’t capitalize on their early advantage in the first half.
Ali Jawad got the second 13 minutes after the interval before Abbas Hassan scored in the 61st and 75th minutes to give the ten-time Iraqi champions a commanding 4-0 lead.
Jawad made it five with his second of the night with five minutes left to play before Ahmed Abdul Jabbar completed the rout in injury-time.
The crushing win for Al Zawra – their tenth in 13 second round matches – with the perfect fillip ahead of their forthcoming AFC Champions League clash with Saudi Arabia’s Al Ahli.
While it is effectively a home game for the ‘White Seagulls’ the turbulent political climate in Baghdad dictate that Al Zawra’a and compatriots Police must play their home games outside Iraq.
Al Zawra will play their Group C ACL home matches at the Tripoli Municipal Stadium in Lebanon, with the game against Al Ahli scheduled to kick-off at 1800hrs local time.
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