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Advocaat continues the signings

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Rangers today will confirm the signing
of Paul Ritchie (Bosman - Bolton)
and Bert Konterman (£4.5 Million - Feyenoord).
The next two signings will be promising Hibs forward Kenny
Miller (£2 Million) and no matter
what the Spaniard's say here,
Diego Tristan (£10 million -
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I think the Tristan deal is off.

David Murray was interested in him when the club valued him at 10million. But recently the club changed their mind and said he was worth 14million. Murray then lost interest.

I'm not sure how trustworthy the source of this info was, though.
The Scottish papers are talking about Flo going to Rangers, even though he already said he would like to remain in London.
He now says that he is aware of their interest, but will not speak to them until after Euro 2000.
His agent says that there are several clubs interested, and he is aware of Rangers interest.
Apparently Flo wanted to stay at Chelsea and play along side Zola, but now that Zola might be leaving, Flo is considering his options.
Has anyone heard the status on Mols recovery? If he is not able to make it back this year, Flo could be an option. Miller is untested in euorpe. I get the feeling anything but a Champions quarterfinal appearance will be considered a disappointment for this club in 2000/2001
Champions League quater-final for Rangers???, I find it hard to believe.

I too am curious about Michael Mols's recovery, he must be following the Dutch team closely at Euro 2000.
Up until Man Utd fluked it, Rangers had been nearest to the final.
They failed on away goals to Marseille to play AC Milan in the final. ( 2 - 2 in Scotland and 1 - 1 in France ).
Marseille beat Milan in the final.
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