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He gave up the glamour of the Champions League to join Parma. Sabri Lamouchi, who had been a Gialloblù target for quite some time, has been officially unveiled in the Tardini's pressroom. As ever, Enrico Fedele and Fabrizio Larini, the club's two transfer gurus were present.

Indeed the latter went on to describe the principal characteristics of the Frenchman: "He's a good player technically, who makes his presence felt and reads the midfield game well."

The ex-Auxerre and Monaco man did not shy away from any of the questions put to him by the pressmen and explained his reasons for choosing the Emilian club: "I'm about to play in one of the best Leagues in the world, if not the best. I'll also have the opportunity to square off against great players, but above all I'm in a team that nurtures great ambition. I want to show everyone what I can do and help Parma win things."

What would you say are Sabri Lamouchi's main qualities?
"I occupied an attacking role at Monaco. I'm adept at breaking up opposition moves and then restarting my teams' attacks. My preferred position is in the middle. I've played with Thuram and Boghossian before, and it's nice to find so many Frenchmen at Parma."

Lamouchi profile

Born: 9 November 1971, Lyon (France)
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 73kg

Career in France
Debut for national side: 24 January 1996, France 3-2 Portugal. Has made 12 appearances to date, scoring one goal
First division debut: 29 June 1984 Strasbourg 1-1 Auxerre. Has made 185 appearances to date, with 24 goals
Second division: 124 appearances, 26 goals
European record: 40 appearances, 6 goals

Last season
Made 32 appearances for Monaco, scoring 3 goals in the League, with eight appearances and 2 goals in the UEFA Cup

CV in full
1990/91 ALES Second division, 18 apps, 0 goals
1991/92 ALES 32 apps, 7 goals
1992/93 ALES 34 apps, 7 goals
1993/94 ALES 40 apps, 12 goals
1994/95 AUXERRE First division, 35 apps, 5 goals
1995/96 AUXERRE 36 apps, 6 goals
1996/97 AUXERRE 27 apps, 3 goals
1997/98 AUXERRE 31 apps, 5 goals
1998/99 MONACO First division, 24 apps, 2 goals
1999/2000 MONACO 32 apps, 3 goals

French League title 1995/96 (Auxerre) and 1999/2000 (Monaco)
French Cup 1995/96 (Auxerre)
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