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Ac Milan is trying to buy Fernando Redondo from Real Madrid. the vice-president of the Italian club, Galliani met The new presiden of Real Madrid,Florentine Pérez, in the Samanthas restaurant . Ac Milan offer $21 million for the Real madrid. and will double his wages from $2 million to $4million a year. That is more than what Inter offer. However, the player doesn't want to Leave Real, But Pérez said he will think about the offer.

Taken from Ole, Argentenian Newspaper.


this is what i read in italian soccer----
Things should not be too clear at AC Milan in these days,
if it's true the club has a different target each day, and
till now they miss them all. On Monday it's time for
Fernando Redondo to be approached by Italian club
directors, after the Argentine midfielder was contacted in
previous days also from Inter, which didn't give up yet.

Florentino Peres, new president of Real Madrid, had a
meeting with Adriano Galliani and Ariedo Braida just to talk
about the price it must be paid to sign Redondo. AC Milan
offered 15 billion lire (euros 7.7m), while Real ask the
double, 30 billion lire (euros 15.5m). But the good
relationships between the clubs should allow them to
reach an agreement.

So actually the main obstacle is to persuade the player to
leave Madrid, and Redondo said just few days ago in front
of the offer of Inter, to be reticent to leave the Spain.

With Real, Redondo, 31 years old, won two Champions
League, and Intercontinental Cup, and two Spain titles.
Previously he played for Argentinos Juniors and Tenerife.
He collected 48 caps with the Argentine national team.

not the same thing that you read yes???
so i think these are just rumors.
and i also think that we don't need redondo

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I really hope this doesn't happen, Redondo is DA MAN in Real Madrid, AC Milan sucks BIG TIME, what a lousy club, Redondo "The Prince" should stay in Real Madrid and not go to a crappy club like AC Milan. :eek:

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I was shocked to read on the official site of Milan and also on several italian sites who are very reliable such as La Gazzetta dello Sport and Tuttosport that Milan will close a deal in the next 4-5 days with Real's brain playmaker SuperNando (Redondo).

Here's the version in italian from the official site of Milan:

"Secondo la testata milanese, la squadra di Berlusconi avrebbe già definito l’acquisto di Redondo. L’apertura della Gazzetta dello Sport è dedicata ad un’operazione di mercato rossonera. Il titolo: “Milan: Redondo in mano.Blitz di Galliani a Palma di Maiorca: l’accordo col Real è a un passo. Il dirigente rossonero ha condotto una serrata trattativa nella villa del neopresidente madrileno Florentino Perez. All’interno del giornale milanese ancora un titolo dedicato al giocatore argentino: Il Milan a un passo da Redondo. Blitz a Palma di Maiorca di Galliani e Braida: l’accordo è ormai vicino."

Which means:breaking news on the transfer front. Namely: Fernando Carlos Redondo!
The Gazzetta dello Sport opens with the big transfer story: "Milan have Redondo within reach." The Milan pinkpaper continues with "Galliani blitz in Palma. Agreement with Real is a step away. The Rossonero official was involved in some tough negotiations with the new Madrid president, Florentino Perez."

I would love him to come to the San Siro but in the mean time would be very sad for Real as he is the brain and best player of the team. He is my second fav player after Zidane and would be proud to have him in my team. So does anyone in here have some reliable info on that matters?

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AC Milan are expecting an offer for Real Madrid's Argentine midfielder Fernando Redondo to be accepted.
"We met with Real Madrid and we put forward an offer for Redondo that will in all likelihood be accepted," the Italian club's vice-president Adriano Galliani said from Spain.
"Now we'll have to find out what the player thinks." Last week the Argentine international was said to have rejected an offer from Inter Milan.
Coach Vicente del Bosque has also stressed the importance of Redondo in his plans.
"For me Redondo is vital from the sporting perspective," he said. "He is a great example to other players in the squad."
However, following the club's $56.1 million outlay on Luis Figo, Real appear ready to consider selling the stylish midfielder.
"If Milan want Redondo and present us with an offer we will have to look at it very seriously," Real Madrid president Florentino Perez said.
Redondo himself has made clear his desire to stay on at the Spanish club where he has won two European Cups.
"I have been at Real Madrid for six seasons and my aim is to finish my career here," said Redondo.
"But in this case two sides are always involved and you have got to know what the club thinks."
There is speculation about wich players Real will release after the Figo signing with attention now focused on
out-of-favour Bosnian striker Elvir Balic as well as Redondo.
AC Milan have also made a 2,800 million peseta ($15.77 million) offer for Valencia midfielder Gerard Lopez.
In the past few weeks they have had multi-million dollar bid for Rivaldo turned down.
($1=177.51 Peseta)
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