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this year is Bayern's 100. year...
I heard about something like a tournament in 4-5 august in munchen..
The teams are Bayern Munchen,Manchester Utd, Real Madrid and Galatasaray.
is it true?

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the date is correct but the teams are Bayern
Munich, Manchester United, Real Madrid and
AC Milan.

Ciao Alessandra


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Thank you, for a moment I thought it was also like an Adidas tournament, but then I realized that Man Utd are sponsored by Umbro.

Ajax is having a similar tournament, they turned a 100 this year too I think.

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Don't quote me on this but it seems like there's a tournament every year, or every other year, between Bayern, Milan and usually PSG...and it's some sort of Opel tounrament since those 3 teams are sponsored by Opel. Wow, I'd forgotten R. Madrid had been invited...can we say grudge match? Should be interesting....
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