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About Rivaldo

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Ciao Laziale !!

I read som worrying comments after Aquilas interview post, people are worrying about Cragnottis silence in the Rivaldo matter.

Well first of all he wasn´t silent: " my dream is to see Lopez and Vieri with Veron behind them " Rivaldo plays either on the left or behind 2 strikers ( left C Lopez ) behind 2 strikers ( Veron ) Centertank ( Vieri ).

Then I read about and I have seen Rivaldo suck lately but remember how badly Veron sucked during midseason. Rivaldo is a great player but right now he looks exahausted. If Lazio buys Rivaldo ( please don´t ) then well have a world class player no doubt ( even if I have trouble fitting him in Lazio ).

Cragnotti knows what he´s doing and I´m sure that nothing is set in stone since he´s still chasing Vieri and he couldn´t possibly afford Vieri, Rivaldo and Lopez.

Forza Lazio !!
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I will pray to god that you are right.
After seeing how he played last night against Valencia.
Valencia played good defence but he was so terrible.

But if Lopez comes we got to get rith of an Argentinian. We can't have five!
I suggest that Sensini leaves if Lopez comes.

I want to know what you guys, or at least you guys from Sweden thinks about Johan Elmander.
I think that he is a great prospect for the future and he wont cost much.

"Chi non salta giallorosso e'!!!!!"

Marcelo Salas
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Hello again!

I just saw in an article that 25 foreign clubs are hunting Johan Elmander. So he will probobly cost some money.

"Chi non salta giallorosso e'!!!!!"

Marcelo Salas
Lazio need a stricker Rivaldo is not a pure stricker
the important is to bring a player like C.Lopez or Vieri

Ciao Laziale
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