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this comes from "elmundo.es" a Spanish newspaper
El Perugia expulsa a Ahn


Ahn Jung-hwan celebra el gol de oro que 'acabó' con Italia (REUTERS)

ROMA.- For scoring against Italy, the doors of Calcio are closed for Ahn, the Korean that plays for Perugia and who's Presiden does not want to even hear his name since he has humilliated the country that embraced him. He also suggested that he go back to his country were he can make 100 liras per month."Ahn will never set foot in Perugia, I don't want to see him again""I'm pissed of because he played now in the World Cup and plyed well because it was Italy". Gaucci said that Ahn has hurt the Italian pride, a country that has opened it's doors to him.He promised he would not pay a player that has ruined Italian soccer .. .....

This is just a summary, imagine now, almost all of Argentina's players are faced with maniacs such as these in Italy and why not, probably everywhere else in Europe.This is yet another reason to leave as many players that play abroad out of the National team, it wouldn't surprise me that Veron was warned about his own contract with Man U by Beckham in the little chit chat they had prior to the game. Who knows what goes on under the table.Rarely we get glimpses and outbursts such as this out in the media, most things are decided in the lockeroom and the dirty laundry is never done in public.
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