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While I actually thrive on them svennis :).

If I were a Lazio fan, I would be worried about all the rumours you have going for a- getting Crespo while paying an obscene/unheard of prize. b- trying for Figo for an even bigger fee on top of that. c- not getting any quality replacements in the position I thought you were needing it the most- defence.
From last years experience you all know how demanding it is playing CL on top on challenging for Lo scudetto, and right now I don't think you have the neccesary depth in defence.
Nesta is marvellous, so is Couto in my opinion, and eventhough I don't like Miha one bit he's a good and important Lazio player too. But as you play 4-4-2 next seaon (I guess) I fail to see that you have other wingbacks than Pancaro-***** right now. Gottardi (please :)).
Just to make a comparison my team (Juventus :)) has it alot easier obviously because we only play with central defenders (3) and we have Montero, Iuliano, Ferrara, Tudor, Paramatti, Zanchi. We need nothing more, and unless we get alot of injuries at the same time, we'll not have to break a sweat over the defence. Lazio is not in that position, and I'm curious as to why the biancoceleste isn't showing more interest in getting more defenders.

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