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Or should I call it a summary of grobari's false hopes and silly statements made in these last couple of months.. :D :D :D
They were truly playing with fire when they dared to challenge the might of Crvena Zvezda... :)
Anyway, here's a summary of this seasons "greatest bloopers"..!!!

After our emphatic victory in the derby:

You beat us know we beat u earlier,we r first u are second,we hold the title u dont, either way you look at it at this point in time PARTIZAN r better than zvezda.The problem is that rs fans r in a state of denial because they cant seem to win a title so when they beat us they finaly had something to celebrate. :D

I keep hearing this "We are the champions" crap. What u should be saying is "We were the champions" because if I remember it correctly we won the title last year and we r the current title holders so "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS".
(Well, Mijatovic, hear it once again - "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!") :D :D

Grobar_Otago dont worry Zvezda havent been number one in a long time and the pressure is going to get to them after a while.We will be back on top soon.
(Are you sure, Mijatovic..?? :D)

Grobar_Otago your not going to change your name to Delija_Otago are you because that is what it sounds like.Dont worry were just going through our bad patch, every club in the world has a bad patch.We will be back on top of the Ladder in no time.
(I don't think sooooooooooo.. :D :D)

A derby is exciting but in the end u dont play to beat your enemy the best way to get your enemy is by rubbing a trophy in there face and we done it last year and we will do it this year. (once again, I don't think soooooo.. :D :D :D)

One of my favourites:
Beating you enemy is good but that one match is nothing compared to what you feel like in the end when your club hold up the trophy and can truly say "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS".
(Yes, Mijatovic..WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!) :D :D :D

Grobar Otago dont worry about it, the cup that were going to win at the end of the season is going to be more precious then the $5 bucks I lost. :D :D :D

And two from Grobar_Otago:

Joke now Delije, but come the end of the seasone, we'll be laughing ..(hahaha :D :D)

The joke's on you cigani, for Partizan will be champions again. Sure, I would liked(loved} to see us beat Red Star, but it wasn't to be . But we will not be as unlucky as this at the end of the season ... (sorry man, it didn't turn out that way, did it? :D :D)

That would be all until next season and another victory for Crvena Zvezda.. :) :)

:) thats very impressive but dont forget what happened the last time you won the double.You sold your team and where nowhere for 5 years.And you can quote me on that one.
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