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Few questions actually but the answers need not be long.
1. Did Andersson already sign? I read he came to Turkey.
2. Will Balic only sign if Andersson doesn't?
3. When does the Turkish league start?
4. Has the team started their trainings and where?
5. If Fenerbahce playing in UEFA cup this season or not? If not is it atleast playing INTERTOTO cup?
6. Was Moldovan sold or not?
7. Do any of you know of a Fenerbahce website that is in English and updated with news atleast once a week?

Maja, webmaster of

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Thank you very much. You really helped me a great deal.
And you opened one more question.
I though Kovacevic transfer was already ruled out. Just yesterday I ready Juventus wants Kovacevic to stay and will not sell him. If you have any news about this possible transfer please let me know.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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