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A nightmare going to happen

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According to teamtalk.com,barcelona's new president Gaspert is adamant to snatch athirson from juve who seem still not to have sealed the athirson's deal.i am really scared on learning the news, for my part,athirson will be our best purchase this season and become our indispensable player like Zidane and Davids!!i can't imagine how disappointed i and all juve fans will be if athirson does opt for Barca as evey juve fans take it for grabted that he will definately join juve, maybe at that time,i will understand how lazio fans will feel when we have snatch Carini and Paramatti from them at the last minute. maybe i am too pessemistic,but i does have the intuition that juve will LOSE athirson. my fellow bianconeri ,what do you think??? and is Athirson bond to juve regardless of the fee we will pay???
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Chill, sooner or later he is a juventini.

"Luciano Moggi is pressuring Flamengo to release Athirson by October: "He is ours, either immediately or in January. Barcelona have given up the ghost."

Anyways if Barca sign him it won't be NIGHTMARE. I will be pissed off badly yeah but here's what really scares me, worldsoccernews reports that Figo is a Madrista, new record fee n'all 40£ million. You people know what that mean? Now Barcelona will probably make an offer for Zidane!! :( :(
If we loose him, that'll be nightmare..
So maybe we won't see Arthison in Juve(Hope we do), but that's not really a Nigtmare! is in't??
We always could put Bachini(great player,have to play more!) or Conte in the left wing.
First of all; Athirson is not yet a juventus player. He has never worn our jersey and has never performed in miracles for us. If we were to lose him I would brand it a shame, but hardly a nightmare.
Having said that both TuttoSport and Corriere carried Moggi's statement that no-one was going to snatch Athirson from us. He said that the transfer had already been agreed and had been deposited with the Lega Calcio. The only question was if Flamengo would cut down their asking prize to have him immeadiately which is obviously what Juve would want, but they refuse to pay full prize when they will have him for free from the 1.st of January.
As of right now it seems 90% percent certain that he WILL infact join us- when is another question I can't speculate on.

One last thing Dicky: It's true that Gapart is the FAVOURITE to win the Barca elections, but he isn't yet the President.
His main rival Bassat is the one who has promised to bring Zidane if he wins. I don't believe he could actually do that, but talking nightmares I'd much prefer to lose Athirson than Zizou.
Obviosly I want them both though.


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Sorry Dicky- I stand corrected.
Gaspart is indeed the president of Barca. I haven't been on-line much this weekend and that serves as my only excuse.

If we were to lose Athirson and Zidane to Barcelona, it would be a great loss. However, for Zidane, maybe we could make up for it with getting Rivaldo and Zenden in exchange for ZZ. Just a suggestion if the worst was to happen. That could be a good solution for the great loss.
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