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A MIRACLE in New York!

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Ok, guys ... I had to do a seperate topic for that and share my greatest football moment with you!

As you all know Milan played v. Metrostars tonight at the Giants stadium. As you all know it was a doubleheader (only in America, brother) and they had the US - Jamaica game before.

So, we went there - me a 2 friends of mine - a Canadian and a Turkish guy. As we were watching the first half of the Us game an angel came to me and wispered in my ears - " Look qrond, child, the Milan team should be sitting somewhere and watching the game" ...
So, I started looking around and in 5 seconds - BANG - I saw them ... on the second level in the shadow behind one of the goals ... so I took my friends during the halftime and we went in this sector and ... oh, my God, all of them just sitting there and talking to each other ... there were around 10 guys in the whole sector (some of them Americans with Milan jerseys) but noone was paying attention. And here I was a kid from Bulgaria in NYC watching Bili Costacurta talking to DeAscentis THREE METERS away from me ... and the other guys ... so we went carzy ... I didn't know what to do - I didn't have a camera nor a pen ... start looking around and thinking ... few minutes later a guy came and told the team to get started. So they start walking away when I saw the ONE AND ONLY LEONARDO ... LEO himself (who just came for the rest of the tour after he put an end to his footbal career) looking around. So, I start running towards him and when I reached him he had his back towards me and was talking to Serginho ... I cried "Leo, Leo ..." and he turned and smiled... I shook his hand and said "You are one of my idols, I love you man ..." And Leo start talking to me in perfect English that he is happy to hear that ... My canadian friend joined me at this moment. So, I start asking Leo questios about Sao Paolo and Milan and he was just the coolest guy ... so very much down to earth he wasn't pretending or playing the big shot ... he told me that now it is over and he will just play these game with Milan and he truly enjoys the moment and then he said the Brazil will win the WC ... Then we start loughing ... my friend told him that his wife was Leo's huge fan and Leo said "Give all the best to your wife from me ... " then we hugged and he walked away ... and then he gave a brilliant performance in the fisrt half ... I am still recovering from these 5 minutes ... ME AND LEO !!!

He was the good old Leo on the field ... some touches of briliance ... wonderfull passes around and one well taken free kick ...

AMAZING STUFF ... A MIRACLE ... I can't forgive myslef that I did not have a camera ... YET I talked to LEO!!!

The game itslef was nothing spectular .. we just killed the 1st Metrostar team the first half ... a lesson in tactics and football ... Hubner is just a crapy old guy ... I don't know how he scored 24 goals in Seria A but he had at least at least 4 one on one chances and blew them away ... with the ball in his feet - he is worse than Oliver ... Brocci was suprisingly good in the midlfield ... Kaka was supreb as a central deffender ... Sarr was Ok but made some very risky passes at the back ... the rest were just having a good time a I guess ... the second half Carlo played with all these non-Milan players or at leats players I haven't heard of ... most of them ...

1-1 the final score... Jose Mari scored on a Serginho pass ...


As Julia Robers said presenting the Oscar to Denzel - I LOVE MY LIFE!!!
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Good for you! ;)

I would have been stalking all the players... talking and stuff. and paying close attention to all phone calls that Galliani make. ;) Not that I believe he was there.


Thanks man. That episode with the one and only just goes to confirm my thoughts about him for the past six years after first "discovering" him in WC 94. On and off the pitch a true sportsman.

If these avatars could gauge their owners emotions, mine would be vivid green . . . . . . . . .with envy. No actually, I am happy that you were able to do what you did. Hope I can catch a glimpse at the L.A. Coliseum this Sunday.

From your words I take it that this final exhibition is just that, final? He has definitely retired? Much to the disgust of the Brasilian experts in xtratime, I still maintain he could have brought something to the selecao over in Tokyo/Seoul.

Thanks for your passion, your words, I was living in your shoes.
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