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The majority of the professional Soccer Clubs operate as social centres. The São Paulo Soccer Club for instance has its social Club adjoining their Stadium at Morumbi. This has social club-house with full restaurant facilities, a ballroom, indoor games rooms (table-tennis, snooker, etc.), 12 tennis courts, 2 soccer fields, 3 swimming pools (one is Olympic size), a shallow children's pool, both track and field athletic facilities, basketball and volleyball courts (indoor and out) and enclosed children's playground with swings, see-saws, etc., supervised by two resident governesses with whom members can leave their children. A fully equipped Medical Centre has a qualified doctor constantly on duty, and trained life-guards are always in attendance at the swimming pools. The Club has a membership of 93,000 and members are entitled to attend home professional games free. Other Clubs which have similar facilities are: Corinthians, at Parque São Jorge (membership at present - 140,000), Palmeiras at Parque Antartica (membership 78,000), C.A. Juventus at Rua Javari (membership 186,000). All three Clubs have swimming pools in constant use, and are adding to their facilities. Membership of the Clubs costs approximately £7.00 per month.

This trend in fact was pioneered by the Fluminense Club of Rio de Janeiro as early as 1920, when other sporting facilities were incorporated into the Club's grounds. It is now one of the most popular and luxurious clubs in Brazil. Fluminense established another pattern, which could usefully be copied by others. It separates the finances of the professional Soccer Department from the remainder of the Club's revenue and expenses, consequently maintaining a strong financial position. Fluminense has a beautiful clubhouse and restaurant, a large ballroom, swimming pools, tennis courts, basket and volley ball courts, table tennis areas, athletics track, sauna baths, barbecue restaurant and complete indoor sports area where chess, karate, gymnastics and other sports are in evidence. Fluminense also has the unique honour of being awarded the "Olympic Trophy" - also known as the "Honours Cup" - in 1949. This cup was instituted by Baron Pierre de Courbertin in 1906 and awarded annually to the organization which, in the Olympic Committee's opinion, has done most for amateur sport. Fluminense were the first professional soccer club ever to receive this honour.

In Rio de Janeiro

Fluminense F.C.: Vertical red, white and green stripes; white shorts. Red, white and green hooped socks.
C.R. do Flamengo: Red and black shirts; white shorts, red and black hooped socks.
C.R. Vasco da Gama: Black shirts with white diagonal band over the shouder; black shorts. Black and white hooped socks.
Botafogo F.R.: Vertical black and white striped shirts; black shorts. Grey socks.
C.A. Bangú: Red and white vertical striped shirts; white shorts. Red and white hooped socks.
América F.C.: Red shirts; white shorts and red socks.

In São Paulo

Santos F.C.: All white or vertical black and white striped shirts; white shorts White socks.
São Paulo F.C.: All white with a red and black hoop of each colour separated by white. White shorts and socks.
Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras: All green, shirt white collar and cuffs; white shorts. Green socks.
Assoc. A. Portuguesa de Desportos: Red and green hooped shirts; white shorts. Green and red hooped socks.
S.C. Corinthians Paulista: White shirts; black shorts and white socks.
A.A. Ponte Preta: White shirts with black diagonal band over the left shoulder, white shorts and white socks.
Guarani F.C.: Green shirts, white shorts and socks.

In Minas Gerais

Cruzeiro E.C.: All blue shirt, white shorts and grey socks.
Clube Atlético Mineiro: Vertical black and white striped shirts; black shorts and grey socks.
América E. C.: Green shirt; white shorts and white socks.

In Rio Grande do Sul

S.C. Internacional de Porto Alegre: Red shirt and white collar and cuffs. White shorts and red socks.
Grêmio Portoalegrense:Black, white and blue vertical striped shirts; black shorts and white socks.

In Bahia

E.C. Bahia: Red, white and blue striped shirts; blue shorts and white socks.
E.C. Vitória: Red and black hooped shirts; white shorts and white socks.

In Pernambuco

E.C. Recife: Red and black hooped shirts; white shorts and red and black socks.
E.C. Santa Cruz: White with a black and red hoop of each colour separated by white. White shorts and socks.
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