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Bald or shaven-headed players are more likely to be booked by premier league referees than team mates with a full head of hair.

The Daily Mirror said disciplinary figures from statisticians Opta Index, who monitor league matches in England, showed that seven of the top 10 offenders this season boasted little or no hair.

While blond-haired Alan Smith topped the disciplinary standings with 76 fouls, seven bookings and one red card, he was only just ahead of closely cropped Leeds team mate Olivier Dacourt (69 fouls, eight yellows), Derby County's Deon Burton (76 fouls and four yellows) and Manchester City's Paulo Wanchope (66 fouls, seven yellows and two reds).

The Mirror backed up its argument by quoting former premier league referee Kevin Lynch.

Lynch said: "Those haircuts do look aggressive. Human nature is such that refs may look at players and say 'he looks like a hardman'.

'It's the same in any walk of life. If you were confronted with a skinhead on a dark street on a Saturday night, wouldn't you fear the worst?

"If you want to have a good disciplinary record, then you might as well use every option available to you...growing your hair is just one idea.''


Silly season stories :)
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