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1) Why did Ramon Diaz leave River instead of renewing his contract, after River won the title? Is he planning on going to Europe?

2) How is Martin Palermo doing? I heard that he uses his bicycle to get around to strengthen his leg muscles. Will he be back in action soon?

3) How much money do the bigger Argentinian clubs, such as Boca and River, usually make in a year? From ticket sales, prize money, merchandise sales, and so on, but not including player sales.

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i can only respond to the diaz situation...ramon diaz wanted new good players to improve for this season, but management denied him and he didnt want to be playing with the same squad, so he resigned!
about him going to europe: i think he will goto spain in a year, but right now, he says he wants to spend time with his family.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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