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1) I think Michael Owen, even if I hate him, has a lot of time to come, and is so far brilliant. He has lots of problems with injuries, but is improving, and has showned that in the Euro2000 match against Romania, scoring Englands first.

2) Dejan Stankovic, Personally I think He is not given enough chances, though I think this season, he will be given the biggest oppurtunity to prove himself, and I think he will, I've seen him play live on a couple of occasions, and was faboulous, he scored 3 times, one was from the half-way line, which tells you he has a wicked shot, and great speed, full of potentintial.

I'm not sure about Michael Owen, but Stankovic wasn't in the 'top 50 ' stated here, so I think it should be made 'top 52.'

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The reason is because Stankovic and Owen are fully fledged internationals and are always called up by their international teams no matter if they play for their club or not it is ridiculous to compare a player like owen or Stankovic to a player like D'Agostino or Rabito. These players are all kiddies compared to the experience that Owen and Deki have.
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