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A dilema for del Bosque...

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Well, ther's something nobody in this forum has noticed and that is... Real Madrid have not lost a goal in their last three games. Incredible! If someone would have said this a month ago I would have laughed my as* of, but it is a fact gentleman. What do we do then when Hierro is back to full fitness? Does he play? I have my own little theory, that the lack of dropped goals has a lot to do with the other parts of the game, but still not a single goal in the last 270 minutes! Man, that is amazing! Maybe Ivan Campo is good afterall? NOT! ;) ;) ;) ROTFLMAO! hehe. Seriously though, what does our cosch do???????
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Lucky we may be, but the results speak for themselves. I wouldn't be so sure...
Perhaps, we'll see tmorrow I guess. When does Hierro return?
What does soon mean? Will he play tomorrow or is it more then that. I have lost track with this situation.
Unfortunately the reality now a days is that the game of football is not run by the players, but by money. And therefore the qeustion if Roberto Carlos will play or not is more of qeustion of how much money will his preseance bring then will he suffer even more by playing. Sad but true I fear. on the other hand I would really hate to see him out for such an important game...\????
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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