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Well, whats up in the world of Lazio these days ? I'm sitting on my job but i dont feel like working(as usual) so i have been thinking a bit of Lazio and i have come up with a couple of reflections and ideas!

The pre season has started and the players are preparing for the season but there are still some players who not are in the squad and i wonder if is seattled when the Argentins are coming back... I read on Laziomania that they probably should be back in the begining om August but does someone no whith date?

I also have thougt about the team, is Zenden and Crespo the only plater that we are wating for to sign contracts with? Is the transfers over then? Oh, we will sign that youthplayers to i remember now but thats it ? There wont be any other players coming in right ?

I feel a bit of disapointment with the sriker dept because we will only have two really classy strikers (Crespo, Lopez) and then Inzagt that is Ok as number three but then we only have Ravanelli and that youngster and that dont feels good... Can Inzagi and Ravaenlli really make us good enough when crespo and lopez are away?

...I would like one more attacker to add some dept!

...And will we manage without any really good rightwingwer? ew have players who can play there but no one that really likes it...

Well, now i maybe should go back to work... Oh, it sucks bigtme:(... I must rest to the party to nignt:)... And take some time of tomorrrow... Time to suck up to the boss ;)

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The Argentineans won't be back with Lazio until the first days of September. But they are now followed by one of Lazio's physio coaches to be in the same form as the ones who are currently with the team in Austria.

Inzaghi-Ravanelli...ok, they are not like Crespo-Claudio but I promise you that many teams would dream of having such subs !! :)


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