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We made at last! Not many thought that we would have a chance when we were 9 points behind Juve!
It was 25 years ago that we won and we really needed this victory.
But my thoughts goes to Roberto Mancini.
He´s mabye one of the greatest players ever.
I think, now when he made his last game(?), we should celebrate him because ha have made so much for Lazio on the field, but even outside the field.
Thanks Mancini for these years and i´m glad that you could finish yoúr carrier with a championship- title! You deserved it!!!!!
Hats off!

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but I still wondering why did he was looked like unkind person, when few times he got angry on Inzaghi also the other players (especially Kallon from Reggina)....

But after all, yesterday was the perfect day for him to end his carrerr....

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Yesterday was the greatest day of my life. But there's a little spot. I'll never see again Mancini playing. Thanks Mancio for what you have given to Lazio, to soccer, to me. THANKS. You have done things that I will ever remember. That who loves football will ever remember.

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I hope you will stay in Lazio next year.
With that experience and knowledge we sure need you for next year(as assistant or something like that) when everyone wants to beat us!!!

Crag- give him what he asks!!!!!!

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Seeing Mancini and 10 man Lazio score against Rome in the 95 Derby (3-1) was one of the best goals I have ever seen.

Mancini was/is/always will be a LEGEND.

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