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True, true, true indeed. Maybe we underestimate the lower teams. Don't forget at the end of the season they can fight like sicco's to avoid relegation. They give everything when their serie a place is insecure. Perugia had to win against us or else they would be a serie b team by now. The ting is, they were 100% we were probably just 80%. And that it rained like hell didn't actually help us either. We're definitely weak in the attack. So next year we should get a new striker to have in our squad, and then we have solved that problem and again the motivation must be good.

What really scares me is the players morale and motivation now, **** I mean; loosing the serie a when you have a 9th points lead isn't actually a footballers dream. Probably all of them depressed and stuff. Maybe (if everything turns wrong) we see a tired unmotivated Juve and everything crashes down. A bright spot is the champions league.

I'm sure that next season will be excellent if you just strengthen our attack with a striker who is known for his reputation. A real finisher! Then baby yeah I'll be freakn satisfied!! :)
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