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Juve is still the best member of the seven sisters:

Roma-Inter 0-0
Inter-Parma 5-1
Parma-Lazio 1-2
Lazio-Milan 4-4
Roma-Juventus 0-1
Fiorentina-Parma 0-2
Inter-Milan 1-2
Inter-Lazio 1-1
Juventus-Milan 3-1
Roma-Lazio 4-1
Lazio-Juventus 0-0
Milan-Parma 2-1
Juventus-Inter 1-0
Lazio-Fiorentina 2-0
Fiorentina-Juventus 1-1
Parma-Roma 2-0
Fiorentina-Inter 2-1
Milan-Roma 2-2
Parma-Juve 1-1

Inter-Roma 2-1
Parma-Inter 1-1
Lazio-Parma 0-0
Roma-Fiorentina 4-0
Milan-Lazio 2-1
Juventus-Roma 2-1
Parma-Fiorentina 0-4
Milan-Inter 1-2
Lazio-Inter 2-2
Milan-Juventus 2-0
Lazio-Roma 2-1
Juventus-Lazio 0-1
Parma-Milan 1-0
Milan-Fiorentina 1-1
Inter-Juventus 1-2
Fiorentina-Lazio 3-3
Juventus-Fiorentina 1-0
Roma-Parma 0-0
Inter-Fiorentina 0-4
Roma-Milan 1-1
Juventus-Parma 1-0

Juventus 24 p !
Lazio 18 p
Milan 16 p
Fiorentina 15 p
Inter 13 p
Roma 13 p
Parma 12 p

The conclution: The hardest rival Juventus have, is their own mental strenght when they play against the lower teams ( Lecce, Verona, Peruguia, Cagliari, Torino, Reggina ). If we only could have beaten one of these teams we have been champions today.

We don`t need new players to win the title next year, but we need to increase the motivation when we play against weaker teams.

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Like someone said in this forum once, (Terry I think) Juve have beaten EVERYONE they've played this season. EVERYONE. This includes Celta Vigo, Lazio (coppa) and Parma. The home game against Lazio (though we lost) was really a good performance, though the finishing just wasn't there. Lazio were quite lucky to bag all three points back then. If only we beat those damn little clubs! :( :(!! No use complaining though. At the same time we mustn't forget that some of our wins were quite lucky, while some draws and losses were incredibly unlucky.

We were lucky to beat Parma and Fiorentina, and Torino (and certain others) while Parma (1st half) Bari (1st) were pretty lucky to achieve the 1-1 draws that they did. At the end it came down to the Perugia match. It really did come down to that match. If you look at it in isolation, Lazio had already won. WIN: Win, DRAW: Playoff, LOSE: Lose. It was as simple as that. During that second half all the previous 33 matches could hae been forgotten. A win would do it. The rain did not help at all. At the same time Juve could not convert their possession into goals. Zambrotta sent off. Incredibly unlucky. Bad day. And Perugia's defence was happy to sit back and watch Zizou and co. slip and splash outside the box. If ONLY we scored.

Anyway we deserved more from the season than this. Lazio deserved to win too, but so did we. Juve were far better until the final weeks. We simply don't seem to do well against the bottom clubs. we may have only conceded 20 goals, but we scored only 46! Udinese scored more goals than us. Fiorentina made 48. Definetly there is a little problem with the attack. At the end though it just wasn't our day. There is always next season, and of course the CL. We will win it. Forza Juve.

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True, true, true indeed. Maybe we underestimate the lower teams. Don't forget at the end of the season they can fight like sicco's to avoid relegation. They give everything when their serie a place is insecure. Perugia had to win against us or else they would be a serie b team by now. The ting is, they were 100% we were probably just 80%. And that it rained like hell didn't actually help us either. We're definitely weak in the attack. So next year we should get a new striker to have in our squad, and then we have solved that problem and again the motivation must be good.

What really scares me is the players morale and motivation now, **** I mean; loosing the serie a when you have a 9th points lead isn't actually a footballers dream. Probably all of them depressed and stuff. Maybe (if everything turns wrong) we see a tired unmotivated Juve and everything crashes down. A bright spot is the champions league.

I'm sure that next season will be excellent if you just strengthen our attack with a striker who is known for his reputation. A real finisher! Then baby yeah I'll be freakn satisfied!! :)

Man, I know. We are too confident when we play against teams like Perugia, Cagliari and venezia. I think all they say (the juve players and managers) that they have a difficult match in front (when they have to play against Cagliari) and they need to concentrate, that it isn't gonna be easy, etc, etc, is pure lies. I suppose that on the training ground, they all think, "we beat Roma in the olympic, so we'll win 6-0 even without training". WE WERE TOO CONFIDENT; JUST TOO CONFIDENT.

We have to change that mentality.


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I think it`s a good idea to play Del Piero behind Kova and Inzaghi, like the match against Inter. If we have played that formation against some of the other teams, we could very well have made more goals.

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I was thinking, for more goals:

3-3-2-2, maximum firepower. This could be Juve's attacking formation when up against small clubs. Grab the goals, then switch back to 3-4-1-2. it also boosts confidence. Clearly such a formation has its problems, no wing, loose defence. But I think juve can handle this formation easily in the CL against teams like Maribor, Roda JC, Willem II and all those clubs that somehow ;) make it into the Champions League. :)


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