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50 years of Maracana

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In June of this year we will be celebrating the Maracana stadium's fiftieth birthday. The stadium is officially known as the Mario Filho Journalist Stadium, but more commonly as Maracana, and was built to host the 1950 World Cup in Brazil.

Built in less than two years the stadium was designed to hold 155,066 spectators, and has housed close to 200,000 during some matches. However official capacity today has been limited to approximately 125,000 for reasons of safety.

Maracana was originally known as Angelo Mendes de Morais, the mayor of the Federal District at the time it was being built, and was officially inaugurated on 16 June 1950, with a game between Rio and Sao Paulo, the latter winning 3 - 1.

Didi scored the first ever goal and went on to play in three World Cups winning two in 1958 and 62.

Present at the opening ceremony on the morning of 16 June were the President, General Eurico Gaspar Dutra, mayor Mendes de Morais, Cardinal Don Jaime Camara, the president of Fifa, Jules Rimet, and the then president of the CBF, Rivadavia Correia Méier, among others.
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Mario Filho is the brother of NELSON RODRIGUES :)

Also a song that every crowd sings at the Maracana....similar to the songs taht people sing to Wembley in England.

Domingo, eu vou ao Maracana
Vou torcer pro time que sou fa
VOu levar foguetes e bandeiras
nao vai ser de brincadeira
ele vai ser campeao
nao quero cadeira numerada
eu vou de arquibancada
pra sentir mais emocao
por que meu time
joga pra vencer
e o nome deles sao voces quem vao dizer
or the best one CORINTHIANS

Sunday I'm going to the Maracana
I'm gonna support the team i'm a fan
I'm gonna take fireworks and flags
it will not be to joke
he will be champion
I don't want to be in the seats
I'm going in the stands
to feel more emotion
because my team plays to win
and his name all of you guys will say:
MENGO OR VASCO OR NENSE OR FOGO (pick your Rio team!!)

Or CORINTHIANS to the "away" fans that hold the Maracana as a home :)

maracana virtual tour www.brasilfutebol.com

Pelo Corinthians, com muito amor ate o fim.
A Corrente Jamais Sera Quebrada!
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Why built a new one? Maracana is the BEST...and has just been renovated..new seats etc..
But if we get the WC, the entrace will be totally modified :) It will not be thourgh the historical ramps no more :(

Pelo Corinthians, com muito amor ate o fim.
A Corrente Jamais Sera Quebrada!
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