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4th Consec. Coppa Final : Roma v Inter : Sat 24th May @ Olimpico

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2005 Inter 2-0 / 1-0 Roma
2006 Inter 1-1 / 3-1 Roma
2007 Roma 6-2 / 1-2 Inter
2008 Roma - - vs - - Inter
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We got to give Credit to Roma and also our club for reaching it 4 times in a row. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

According to reports, this is a One-Off. (no 2nd leg).

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Suazo is doing nothing and Balotelli hasnt done anything right the entíre game...

Why havent crespo come on yet? Is Mancini asleep?
Is anyone else listening to Gol TV? Ray Hudson is being annoying! Unfair having a Roma fan commentate, he goes crazy whenever Roma get near the goal!
there are two..one is american. What are their names?
lol if we weren't losing this game wud b funny is hell

these guys really dont like each other
nearly game over...congrats roma... :)

oh well congrats to Roma

i'm a bit sorry we aint had a fight

nice to see that INTER actually tried to win

not nice to see the silicon breasts on the woman walking up the stairs with the Tim cup....talk abt badly augmented breasts LOL

The last 30 or so minutes after Pele's cracker of a goal :shades: summed us up. LACK OF CREATIVITY.

We saw lots of the ball, Roma were retreating, but we had no ideas on how to break them down.

Anyway, 2 Coppe for Inter and 2 for Roma afterwards. Life is fair. :D

FORZA INTER! :proud:
Bye Mancio, thank you for all your work and all, but seriusely, piss off.
I don't care about the loss...

I'm just happy such a great player as Cesar got another start for Inter... :neutral:

Congrats Roma! :thumbsup:
The girl presenting the cup. :drool:

And if Mancio is somehow stays I'm officially seeking refuge in the Milan camp until he's gone...
Pele has a bright future with the team. We needed to do more earlier. We didn't show up in the first half. Playing dead weight like Cesar.

They never replayed the second roma goal from the side view.
Thanks for reminding me Nacka,

Mancio when you're leaving take Cesar with ya.. that anti-football cusin of yours.
Ahh...just came back. Excellent! I didn't have to put up with a total BS game orchestrated by Mancini! Now piss off you ****ing loser of a coach!!!!!
Jimenez barely made an impact ( sorry, Rosicky :tongue: )
Congrats to roma. Entertaining match overall, just wish we could do more.
If you gave us 20 more minutes to score we wouldn't be capable of doing so.. so much movment in midfield with just passing.. only Jimigoal knew kinda what to do..

Oh well, Mourinho will get em next year :)
Jimenez didn't do much. He was probably brought in a bit too late. By the time he came in the strikers had stopped running.
101 - 120 of 156 Posts
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