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4th Consec. Coppa Final : Roma v Inter : Sat 24th May @ Olimpico

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2005 Inter 2-0 / 1-0 Roma
2006 Inter 1-1 / 3-1 Roma
2007 Roma 6-2 / 1-2 Inter
2008 Roma - - vs - - Inter
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We got to give Credit to Roma and also our club for reaching it 4 times in a row. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

According to reports, this is a One-Off. (no 2nd leg).

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hahahah its a pity Roma and INTER dont like each other nowadays...we should all be forming an anti Juventus front LOL

anyway.....Nice to see Capitano fighting--LITERALLY.....he gave Vucinic abt 3 shoves just now

Hilarious shit....imagine how angry Javier has to b to raise his hands to someone

Maicon is still clowning de rossi hahahaha :D:D:D:D

De Rossi is goin to punch him LOL
I'm surprised at how much i want to win this game LOL

if roma players knew whats good for em they wud stop winding up Burdisso LOL
lol if we weren't losing this game wud b funny is hell

these guys really dont like each other

oh well congrats to Roma

i'm a bit sorry we aint had a fight

nice to see that INTER actually tried to win

not nice to see the silicon breasts on the woman walking up the stairs with the Tim cup....talk abt badly augmented breasts LOL

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Ahh...just came back. Excellent! I didn't have to put up with a total BS game orchestrated by Mancini! Now piss off you ****ing loser of a coach!!!!!
yup a real loser

1990-2004 Millions of winning coaches

no trophies

i am just warning u people

winning without mancio is not at all in any way guaranteed

he is the only coach that won anything significant since trapatoni. Unless we count the uefa cups...other than that

no one weren't sayin shit in terms of trophies
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This is why I love watching Pele. He is a fighter, he will never give up. :proud:

I've said it before, but I can't wait to see what Mourinho does with our NWA (Pele, Rivas and Balotelli).

I liked our match, congratulations to Roma as well who needed a trophy this season, not that happy it came at our expense, but we took the grand daddy of them all, so it's fine.

Forza Inter. No more Mancini. :excited:
our NWA?????

NEGGARZ with attitude? :eek: :eek:

ha....i do trust thats not what you meant sonny boy

how very inappropriate....i'm off to try my best to be offended

FORZA INTER!!!!!!!!!!

i don't care what anyone says. I'm gonna call them NWA.

Rivas, Balotelli & Pele. NWA. :).

yr lucky yr not lilly white or i'd hunt yr ass down
kicker boy merits no response....everyone esle sees what i mean

all i am saying is....dont b english....no offense Pulsy

oh sorry sorry american LOL!!!!


Pulsy pulsy he's our man if he can love mancio anyone can

SIAMO NOI SIAMO NOI!!!! Campioni di Italia Siamo noi!!!!
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1 - 9 of 156 Posts
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