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4th Consec. Coppa Final : Roma v Inter : Sat 24th May @ Olimpico

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2005 Inter 2-0 / 1-0 Roma
2006 Inter 1-1 / 3-1 Roma
2007 Roma 6-2 / 1-2 Inter
2008 Roma - - vs - - Inter
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We got to give Credit to Roma and also our club for reaching it 4 times in a row. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

According to reports, this is a One-Off. (no 2nd leg).

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Oddly enough, we've recently done better at the Olimpico than at home against Roma.

Long way to go, hopefully we'll be taking the field as Italian Champions.

P.S. Mancini's 5th final in a row :eekani:
We have an excellent record in the 3 away games we played in the Coppa this season. All wins, 9 goals scored and 3 conceded.

Additionally, Juve and Lazio were both beaten at Stadio Olimpico ;)
Well Toldo is a certainty, not sure about the rest though.
Moratti's probably taking the piss after all the sore loser comments flooding from the Roma camp.
Anyone other than Maxwell? Weren't you his 2nd biggest fan (after Azz) :D

Roma will indeed be more motivated but they'll also be more tense.
He was on about Roma sending out the youngsters, doing what we did to Juve back in the early 60's or late 50's I think, as a sign of protest... we ended up losing 9-1. :D
I don't think we're playing badly, they started off brightly and played with velocity but we settled into the game in midfield as the half wore on. Suazo has sucked, though. Zanetti and Stankovic didn't do anything worth mention. Burdisso solid. Max had a couple of nice runs.

Anyway, it would be quite an ask to beat Roma without 6/7 starters.
When at Olimpico, play Crespo. :stuckup: I think we all know that rule.
The last 30 or so minutes after Pele's cracker of a goal :shades: summed us up. LACK OF CREATIVITY.

We saw lots of the ball, Roma were retreating, but we had no ideas on how to break them down.

Anyway, 2 Coppe for Inter and 2 for Roma afterwards. Life is fair. :D

FORZA INTER! :proud:
Jimenez barely made an impact ( sorry, Rosicky :tongue: )
Our Guys are celebrating with our fans there.....
Dang I missed that!
Pele has this presence about him..

That goal will serve as a nice morale boost.
I don't get it, why not put your strongest line-up? It's the final and you guys have no other games after this.
That was actually our strongest possible line-up with the exception of Toldo getting the nod ahead of JC. A sort of reward for Toldone, as not many goalies at his level sit on the bench all season long. He deserved a start.

Samuel, Cordoba, Cambiasso and Figo are injured. Zlatan isn't 100%.

Materazzi and Cruz were suspended for the final.
Well you can afford to be slow-paced if you have someone like Pirlo, Riquelme or Deco - even Veron in decline made us flow. But no pace and no ideas..too much to bear.
1 - 14 of 156 Posts
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