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It's been a while since I've posted here. So I've decided to make my return noted with this thread, even though it's a couple of days late.

The credit to this post goes to Laziochatters of Forumlazioultras.


It is difficult to write this at this moment...Now that hate and contempt are the sentiments felt towards you that are prevalent among those who love Lazio...

But life is strange, and who knows why but only the good things about you come to mind today.

That goal at the derby, for example, when we were down to 10 men, the one we won 3-1, the first of the poker.

Or when you got mad at the entire locker room that same year, telling your team mates that if they want to win they must really want to win and stop complaining constantly about the Rome ambient...

...and after that we won everything!

The little back-heel at Parma...

The day of the Scudetto when Lombardo took you up on his shoulders when you retired as a player and did a lap of honour not knowing you are doing it as a Champion of Italy...

Two years as coach, the marvelous crew of a sinking ship and Coppa Italia...

Yes, it is difficult now...now that you ran away...

But the truth is, I am not able to hate you, because I am a Laziale and with you Lazio was great...Even more than that.

So even now when I am congratulating you I am also jinxing you and I hope Moratti sacks you ASAP!

Happy birthday Roberto Mancini.


This was written on Saturday, November 27th 2004 AD. It captures perfectly most of my sentiments. Whether you people like it or not all our trophies of the Cragnotti era are inextricably connected to Roberto Mancini. Try as some people might, it can not and will not be erased from our Albo D'Oro. I would also like to add a couple of my thoughts.

To me it seems strange and makes no sense that a man who spent 15 years in Sampdoria, a club which is anything but a traditional powerhouse of Italian football, who then left for a club which was at best on a same level as Samp back then and which in fact at that point had less trophies then the team from Genova, refusing that same Inter and that same Moratti on the way(and don't anyone tell me that Cragnotti had more money then Moratti! It is simply laughable!), had all of a sudden become an money-grabbing bastard. You don't go through that kind of transformation at the age of 40 with every possible accolade under your belt. You simply don't.

I am convinced that there is much more to the story of his departure that meets the eye of a mortal. In a couple of years we will propably know the whole truth, just as it took us years to learn the truth about Di Canio.

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Eriksson was the reason he came to Lazio. If Eriksson had went to Inter, I'm sure Mancio would have followed him there. About the money thing, sure, Moratti had more more money than Cragnotti. But it doesn't mean that Mancini would have got more money at Inter...Lazio paid huge salaries those days.

Anyway, I'm grateful for the years Mancio spent at Lazio. He did a great job both as a player and a coach. Of course it's impossible to know all the reasons behind his departure, and we will probably learn a lot more about it in the future. So nothing 100% certain can be said.

But here's the way I see it: Stankovic was sold, Stam was going to be sold, Mancini was probably told that Fiore and Corradi were to be sold, as well. Aside from Miha (who had his contract expiring),these were the four most important players for Mancio. This must have left him with a feeling that he has no control over the squad. Knowing that there's no money to buy good replacements, he left the sinking ship.

Now therein lies the real question. Mancini claimed that he had a pact that he could leave. The directors said that he didn't. We don't know that, but we do know that he had a contract with us, and everybody wanted him to say. Maybe he felt it was impossible to work in the new Lazio, or he just leaped to the better opportunities in Inter...

Anyway, I wouldn't compare him with Di Canio in this sense. Paolo is Lazio through and through, he took a huge pay cut to join us. Mancio is a Samp man, I could only see him doing something similar for them, not Lazio. We saw that in the summer...I'm sure nobody forced him to leave, like Di Canio was forced.

All in all, even if I don't know the truth, I'm glad to see him struggle in Inter. In my mind they're the same sh!t as Juve and Milan.

Finally, what happened to the players we were supposed to get from Inter as compensation for them signing our under-contract coach?

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Mancio was brilliant and really depicted what loyalty is all about,He gave his all to the Samp.He will go down as one of the best I've ever seen,A true Magician also.
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